Team Win Makes TWRP For The LG G Watch Official

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What’s that you say? Your LG G Watch is missing a custom recovery option and your life won’t be complete until you have that capability gleaming from your wrist? Well good sirs and madams that time is upon us as the wonderful team of developers over at Team Win Recovery Project, have just graced the open source community with the official TWRP Recovery for the LG G Watch. Throw your inhibitions to the wind and play hooky for the rest of the day because you have some work to do here. Just say you’re sick, it’s OK, we won’t tell on you. While TWRP is already one of the most popular recovery options for many smartphones and tablets running the Android OS, this will be their first venture into the world of custom recoveries for Android Wear. What we also hope this means is that we can see recoveries for the Gear Live and the Moto 360(once it releases)sometime in the near future.

Team Win is calling this official build of the recovery “dory”, and just in case you weren’t already aware putting this on your G Watch is going to void your warranty. With that being said if you’re familiar with Team Win and the awesomeness that they create then you probably already knew that in the first place. Team Win mentions that there is one obvious known issue, which is that the icons are undersized but that shouldn’t remain for too long, with the icons currently sitting at 240×240 instead of 280×280.

If you’re ready to get this flashed to your watch there are actually a couple of different methods of how you can get it up and running. As Team Win states, you can do so by downloading the TWRP Manager app from the Play Store, and once inside the app you tap to Install TWRP, and then select dory from the device list. The file will(should)download and install automatically so there’s not much you have to do. This method does require root access though so be aware. The second method is to download and flash the latest .img file which can be downloaded from the official page for this recovery(located in the source link)which also has the proper instructions on how to complete the process. Is anyone ready to void their G Watch warranties?