Tapet is a Wallpaper Generator for Your Phone that Delivers Beautiful Results

Are you someone who likes to change your wallpaper daily?  Hourly?  Every 5 minutes?  While Live Wallpaper might just be the thing to satisfy your ADD requirements, it might just be a little too much movement, or maybe it's just not simple enough for your taste.  Muzei is a great way to change wallpapers at set intervals throughout the day, and even though it has some pretty robust channel support it's still a preset list of wallpapers, and eventually you're going to end up seeing the same ones over and over again unless you're really zealous about changing channels all the time.  What if you could get some simple, beautiful and well designed wallpapers that are randomly and instantly generated at a specific interval without having to worry about seeing the same one more than once?

Tapet is what you're looking for in this case, as it's a powerful app that will change your wallpaper at any interval from 15 minutes to weekly, and of course you can set it to manual in case you really end up liking a specific wallpaper.  You can also save each randomly generated wallpaper as its own image, and since it's generated based on your phone's resolution you know you're going to get crisp, great looking wallpapers every single time.  This is also handy for those phones that don't like giving you the ability to set your home screen and lock screen wallpapers as the same one.  You can also tweak the way each wallpaper looks via saturation, blur and other image tweaks.  This gives you a unique image each time, and lets you custom tailor each randomly generated wallpaper to fit your current icon set and other themes.  With so many options you may never have to try another wallpaper solution again, especially if you don't like it moving on you all the time.  Tapet is free and in beta, so check out the Google Play Store link below and grab it for yourself!

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