Tablet Usage Report Shows Growth Across The Board

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Mobile device sales are always presented at the end of each quarter, but there are numbers that aren’t as often shared. These numbers are actual usage numbers, meaning how many people are actually using the devices that are sold. Chitika has put together a report that shows the usage of tablets in the 3rd Quarter of 2014. These numbers are not about sales, but about actual usage. While Android is still on about 80% of smartphones in the wild currently, Android tablets are a different story. Apple still reigns over the tablet market with 78% of tablet usage. However, that is a 5.6% decrease from this time last year. In July 2013, Apple held 83.6% of the tablet usage in the US and Canada. Which leaves only 22% to be spread out amongst Android manufacturers and others.

Currently, Amazon is in second place with 7.3% which is up from last years 5.9%. That’s a 1.4% increase for Amazon in tablet usage. Samsung brings up third with 6.3% which is a 1.8%. Google’s own Nexus tablets are fourth with only 2.1% usage, even that is a growth since last year Google only had 1.3%. Chitika says that one of the possible reasons for Apple’s stronghold on the tablet market is the distribution. Recently, Costco began selling Apple products at discounted prices. This could be partly to blame for Apple’s tablet usage. However, they also note that one of the reasons Amazon is growing is also promotion pricing of their Kindle Fire. While Apple is at the top, and other big names are heading up the second-tier tablet usage, Chitika says that there’s a different more impressive newcomer to their study-Ellipsis.

Ellipsis is Verizon’s self-branded tablet that was just introduced in late 2013. In that small amount of time, the usage of the Ellipsis has grown 0.4%. That may not seem like a lot, however that was done in just a little over 8 months on the market. Chitika says that this could also be due to promotion prices. Verizon is now offering the tablet for free with a two-year contract for data services. Verizon has even surpassed the likes of Motorola. The report shows that people are willing to use tablets, but maybe more likely to purchase them if the prices were lower. Though phablets are taking a bit away from the tablet sales as well.