T-Mobile: Purchase Accessories on Equipment Installment Plan - Update

In their never-ending quest to be the Uncarrier - one addition that T-Mobile made to their plan was the ability to purchase accessories and add them to your Equipment Installment Plan (EIP).  As it stands now, a customer is allowed to buy either a smartphone or tablet with no money down and simply divide the cost by 24 and add that amount to the customer's monthly bill with no interest charge.  This is a GREAT way for someone that wants a new flagship device, but does not have the money up-front to make the purchase.  With T-Mobiles new Uncarrier 5.0 and 6.0, starting July 20, a customer would also be eligible to add a 'premium accessory' purchase to their EIP, if the memo our source received is correct:

There are a few cavorts involved, however - there is a minimum price of a purchase that can be added on for the EIP treatment...I mean you cannot be expected to walk into a T-Mobile store and grab yourself a couple screen protectors and say, "Add this purchase to my EIP payment."  The whole idea of this move was to encourage the customers into making a substantial accessory purchase for their T-Mobile device...more like some Beats Audio headphones or maybe a wireless charger or maybe Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch.  You could spread that $300 smartwatch purchase over 24 months and pay only $12.50 per month...not bad.

In an update, our source tells us that T-Mobile is setting the bar at only a $69 minium - nothing below that can be spread out as an EIP eligible purchase...but there are not many accessories that you can get for less than that in a T-Mobile store, especially when you are paying top-dollar for everything.  Just like there is a minimum, T-Mobile has set a maximum amount of $250 per line item - so that $300 Gear 2 smartwatch would cost you ($300 - $50 = $250/24) about $10.42 a month.  Now, well-qualified customers would not be required any down payment.  It is still unsure if the EIP is limited to one item or if you would be able to combine items or even add another item down the road.

Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if you will take advantage of this feature from T-Mobile...as always, we would love to hear from you.

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