T-Mobile To Allow 10 lines on Family Plans Beginning August 17th

July 30, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Earlier this week, T-Mobile introduced a newer family plan that’s going to be around until September 30th. Basically, it was a shot at AT&T’s $160 plan which included four lines and 10GB of data to share. Well T-Mobile’s version is four lines for $100 and 2.5GB of data each, which would be throttled after that to EDGE speeds. Not to shabby, especially if you live in an area that has good T-Mobile service. But that’s not all. It appears – thanks to TmoNews – that T-Mobile has some more plans for their Family plans.

According to their source, T-Mobile is planning to allow Family plan subscribers to have up to 10 lines on their plan and 5 mobile data devices, like hotspots and tablets. As TmoNews describes, it would allow a family of five to have a tablet and a smartphone each, and still have room for five more lines. Perhaps for grandparents or something. It’s great for those that have large families, like myself.

So what about pricing? Well it’s actually simple, maybe that’s why it’s called Simple Choice? Anyways, the first line is $50 as you’d expect, then the second one is $30. Lines 3-6 are $10 and lines 7-10 would be $20. Kinda surprising to see lines 7-10 cost more than 3-6. But all totaled up that’s $200 for 10 lines on their lowest plan. Which is pretty crazy. That averages to about $20 each. Now this will only get you 1GB of data before you get throttled, but you can up it to 3GB, 5GB or unlimited for each individual line. Which is nice, because it makes these plans flexible.

It sounds like a good idea, but I just have to wonder, how many people are really going to have 10 lines on one account? It’s a pretty decent deal, but still trying to be realistic here. How many of you would have 10 lines on one account? Let us know in the comments below.