Swip3 Is A Match 3 Game Made For Android Wear Devices

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Whether or not you believe this is exactly what Android Wear devices are missing, the fact remains that they’re here anyways and there’s not really much we can do to stop it. We’re talking about games. No, games are not the intended use of an Android Wear device, but does that mean that they shouldn’t have a place on our wrists anyways? One specific developer thinks that games deserve to be Android Wear compatible just as much as any other app and has gone the extra mile to create a game specifically for the use on Android Wear. Swip3, designed with the core intention of use on Android Wear devices,(which at this point consists of two smartwatches, the Gear Live and the G Watch)is a match 3 game with puzzles that seeks to tantalize your brain through your wearable.

Swip3 may have been designed specifically for Android Wear devices but it is also available on mobile devices as too, so if you actually really like the game but either just don’t want to play it on a small screen that sits on your wrist, or if you don’t own an Android Wear smartwatch currently, you can simply download it to your phone or tablet. As the name of the game suggests, the goal is obvious and simple. Just swipe your fingers across the display to match up colored tiles and match 3 to score, and throughout the game your end goal is to score as high as you can.

While I personally prefer games on larger screens like my phone, after having watching the video for Swip3 it actually looks quite polished and seems to be a lot of fun. You can play by yourself if your the lone gamer type, or link up with friends and compete against them for the highest score. If you didn’t catch it that means that leaderboards are involved, so if you’re a competitive player, you should have lots of fun trying to beat others.The controls are simple and the goal is even simpler, and it doesn’t cost a whole lot and the game is versatile. For $1.69 Swip3 can be yours and you can play on whatever device you wish.