StealthGenie Mobile Monitoring Software Helps You Keep Tabs On Employees And Loved Ones

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If you’re a parent or a business owner and you’re providing your kids or employees with smartphones, there may or may not come a time when you could potentially suspect them of doing things that they shouldn’t be doing and may need to use those smartphones to gain details. Sometimes you may just suspect them of engaging in activities that they shouldn’t. If you feel the need to monitor someone due to these reasons, you’ll need a useful tool to help you get the job done. StealthGenie is an android spy software  that can help you monitor whoever it is you might feel needs a little more of a watchful eye and it can get the job done silently and efficiently.



The first and probably the most important key factor of StealthGenie is that it’s a silent mobile software, meaning that installs silently and unbeknownst to the user. This is simply imperative if you’re going to make any headway in monitoring their habits and activities without them knowing. The software is designed for parental control and employee management, with tons of features and 24/7 customer support. StealthGenie can help you monitor call logs…call logs

Internet Activities…

internet activities

Current Geo-Location…

Current go-location

And Sent and Received Texts.

sent and received texts

It also has the ability to access a devices multimedia such as pictures and videos, and monitor instant messenger apps like Whatsapp and others. The StealthGenie spy software can even provide complete phonebook access and record the phone’s surroundings.

You won’t always have the time to monitor kids or employees immediately, which is where StealthGenie’s alerts features can come in handy like receiving an alert when a person replaces the SIM card inside the device with another, or when a person leaves or enters a designated restricted area or somewhere that they shouldn’t be. You can also be alerted when targeted suspicious words or phrases are found within messages or emails. StealthGenie spy software offers affordable monthly packages for parents or employers that may have need for the monitoring capabilities while flying under the radar starting at just $8 per month. There are also packages that start at $13, and $16 per month as well that give the user more features to work with. The phone does have to be rooted for this software to work, so that is something you would want to take into account when considering using this type of service if you have the need or desire to do so.