Startapp Announced their New Advertisers Portal & iOS Support


StartApp, a mobile advertising platform founded in late 2010, used to only be available for Android app developers. Now is proud to announce the introduction of their long-awaited iOS SDK.So all of our Android Devs that publish on both platforms can use Startapp for both.

To attract new iOS developers, StartApp is offering great bonuses for any iOS developer who chooses to integrate their iOS SDK.

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Also, released earlier this year, StartApp’s advertiser portal gives you access to StartApp’s extensive mobile traffic through an easy-to-use self-service portal. Currently, advertisers are able to run cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns on both Android and iOS using a variety of ad types, including interstitial ads, banner ads, and enriched ads.

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On the advertiser portal, you have complete full control over the execution of your campaigns. You are able to select and/or modify a wide variety of key ad targeting options including the following:

– countries to include or exclude
– app categories (i.e. entertainment apps, productivity apps, mobile games)
– mobile device types
– app rating/maturity
– operating system version

After your campaign begins, you can track your campaign’s success, as well as monitor any additional campaigns, on StartApp’s advertiser dashboard using easy-to-read charts that help you track your statistics over time.

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Interested in promoting your app on the self-serve advertiser’s portal? Register today!