Sprint Will Offer Google Apps for Business – Will Offer Support 24/7

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In a real effort to make Sprint attractive to businesses, they partnered up with Google to provide Google Apps for Business allowing Sprint to seamlessly support Google’s cloud-based productivity solutions – with full online support.  Google has application packages for schools and business to help not only the school and businesses, but themselves as well as they gather up all the information that they can for future ‘reference.’

Sprint’s press release says that starting in August they will provide full service and support to ALL employees of the company, not just a select few.  It will be an ongoing 24/7 support and even offer online training for no extra charge for all mobile use of Google Apps. Sprint wants to be a “one-stop shop for businesses” by packing all of Google’s cloud-based solutions with one sign-on.  Sprint will work with the business to offer a “complete solution” tailored specifically for their needs. Sprint claims that their mobile expertise will continue to evolve to meet a growing businesses need.  Sprint claims to have built “America’s Newest Network” from the ground up and includes their latest innovations – Sprint Spark and HD Voice.  Mike Fitz, vice president of business solution commercialization, Sprint Business says:

“Sprint offers a variety of mobile tools to accommodate multigenerational work styles within the workplace, helping people to boost productivity and collaborate from virtually anywhere.  Google’s versatile toolbox makes it simple for businesses large and small to integrate best-in-class, cloud-based solutions. As a trusted wireless leader, we offer the most comprehensive approach across all business segments.  When combined with the flexibility of our new Fusion pricing plans, Sprint delivers the perfect balance of mobility and collaboration tools that today’s business require.”

Google has Apps that can help any business be productive, innovative and successful.  Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Sites allow employees to stay connected and work together with ease.  Google Drive and Google Docs, which includes word processing, spreadsheet and presentation can share files and collaborate in real-time – always having the most up-to-date information available.  Google Apps are a cloud-based solution allowing people to work anywhere, anytime, on any device, without loss of security or control.

With employees so mobile in today’s work environment, it is essential that they have mobile access to their work at all times and in partnering with Google Apps, Sprint wants to be their one-stop solution.  What do you think – would you trust your mobile business communications with Sprint…please hook up with us on our Google+ Page and let us know what you think…as always, we would love to hear from you.