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Description: Speedway Masters is a racing game for Android that features high-quality 3D graphics and aims to recreate American Stock Car racing on your smartphone or tablet, wherever you might be. With lots of tracks to choose from, lots of good-looking 3D car models and more, there's a lot on offer in Speedway Masters. Perhaps more a game aimed towards those keen to replicate as much as they can with a game, Speedway Masters features an interior view of the car, realistic physics and a number of different control systems to control the cars. Take a look at the trailer below and read on to see what we think of Speedway Masters.


How it Works: In order to hit the blacktop with Speedway Masters, you'll need to download the game from the Play Store and then you'll be ready to roll.

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You can choose to start a championship if you'd like, but to get familiar with the game it's perhaps best to choose a quick race, which does have a few settings you can adjust. Choosing your car will offer you a wide range of cars to choose from, but it seems it's all just cosmetic.


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I was surprised to see so many tracks included as well, some of them with more just an oval shape to them.

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I was again surprised at how detailed the tracks and the car models were as well, especially for a game that doesn't have a high barrier of entry and no in-app purchases.

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One thing I didn't quite like were the controls, and even though there are a number of good control schemes available, they're all a little clunky.

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Still, regardless of the clunky controls, I still had a lot of fun with Speedway Masters and the graphics are really quite good.


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Opinion: While I enjoy racing games I've never had much to say about them when it comes to mobile versions. After all, for a long time there was no chance that a smartphone could offer a comparable experience to a console. Now though, games like Speedway Masters look great, with excellent reflections, smooth textures and high frame rates. This is definitely a good-looking game and the tracks are very detailed as well, but there's something missing. It looks great, and the physics are all here but with some clunky controls and an almost barebones feel to it, Speedway Masters doesn't excite me as much as I feel it could do. With some work and some adjustments though, EA and Real Racing could have something to worry about.


  • Speed (4/5) – I had no issues with the game's speed and found my frame rate on a Snapdragon 600 to be smooth and high.
  • Features (3.5/5) – Speedway Masters needs some more control options and more exciting game modes, but other than that it's a good deal of fun.
  • Theme (5/5) – No doubt about it, this is an excellent-looking game, and it's obvious that attention to detail has been paid throughout all of the tracks and car models. A high-def game for high-def devices, this looks brilliant.
  • Overall (4/5) – It looks great, runs great and racing fans will love it, but there's some work needed on the controls before it becomes accessible to more casual racing fans.


  • High frame rate ensures a smooth experience for all players.
  • Excellent level of detail and great-looking car models and detailed tracks will really appeal to race sim fans.
  • Championship mode will give big racing game fans a challenge.
  • American Stock Cars often race on ovals, but there is a nice "driver's track" included.


  • Controls are clunky and take a long time to get used to, but there is more than one control scheme.
  • Menus feel a little sparse and the overall game could do with some spectators and added flare, but the music is good.

Conclusion: With some extra work on the controls and bringing a little more life to the game, Speedway Masters could easily end up as one of the best racing games on Android. After all, the attention to detail is here, everything looks great and the frame rates are right up ther,e it's just a clunky control system and its barebones feel that let it down. For hardcore fans and those looking for a sim type of game though, this is an excellent choice.



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