Sponsored Game Review: Simply the Bird


Description: Simply the Bird is an Android game that's pretty much another Flappy Bird clone for users that still want to get in on the simple, yet addictive gameplay. Simply the Bird however, promises to be a little different, with the core gameplay much the same but with some extra tweaks here and there to bring things up-to-date and more in line with other current titles. It's a little easier than other Flappy Bird inspired titles and after you fail to get through a gap 10 times, you can exact your revenge on the bird as well. Does Simply the Bird offer anything that Flappy Bird or other clones didn't? Let's find out.

How it Works: To get started, you'll need to download Simply the Bird from the Play Store and then you're able to get started.


2014-07-09 16.21.58

When you start playing the game, there's an intro of sorts that's a different touch for a Flappy Bird clone.

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Basically, what the intro tells us is that your friends are taken by other mean birds and you have to go and get them back.

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As you might've guessed, the gameplay is simply tap, tap, tap.


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I actually found this is to be a little easier than other Flappy Bird type games, which was nice as I was horrible at the original.

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At the end of each level you're given a look at your score.

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If you fail more than 10 times, you can exact your revenge on the bird using a number of different methods which I frankly find a little distasteful, but a nice add-in for more mature players.

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Opinion: Let's face it, this isn't the first Flappy Bird type game that we've seen and it won't be the last, either. However, Simply the Bird does come with some interesting features like the leaderboards and while I feel that the ability to exact revenge on your bird friend is a little distasteful it's another added feature that other similar games didn't give us at least. I did like the fact that I could get a respectable score pretty easily and the changing backgrounds were a pretty nice touch as well. Overall, Simply the Bird is one of the better, less lazy games out there if you want to play through Flappy Bird gameplay without playing a simple, shameless ripoff.



  • Speed (4/5) – Simply the Bird ran well and I had no issues with the pacing of the game either.
  • Features (4/5) – Sure, this is simply Flappy Bird dressed up, but there's a good amount of added features and it's still fairly good fun.
  • Theme (4/5) – The changing backgrounds and meaty sound effects are a marked improvement over other similar titles and they all add up to a good-looking game.
  • Overall (4/5) – A decent game that brings a handful of new features and more accessible gameplay to Flappy Bird lovers, Simply the Bird is a good deal of fun.


  • Works well on both smartphones and tablets and is easy to get into.
  • Changing backgrounds actually breaks the monotony that Flappy Bird offers after awhile.
  • Does feel a little easier and therefore more accessible to players.
  • Leaderboards are a nice touch to help players feel like they're all connected.


  • Is basically just another Flappy Bird game, but it's still good fun if you like that sort of thing.
  • Getting revenge on the bird is a little distasteful, and hopefully kids don't see it.

Conclusion: While Simply the Bird is just another Flappy Bird kind of game, there is a lot of merit in it and it is still good old fashioned fun. It can get a little repetitive every now and then, but the changing backgrounds make it a little more fresh than other clones. Simply the Bird has some decent sound effects, it's easier to get a good score with and it can offer some great distractions between commutes and just to kill time.