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Description: Retro Warfare 2 is a return to the good old days of gaming, where levels were challenging and game design was simple, yet fun to play. With retro graphics, retro platforming and a simple control scheme reminiscent of the gamepads of old, Retro Warfare 2 is something for those older players that miss the good old days. New fans of retro games however, will find a lot of char, in Retro Warfare 2 and this new version of the game has been put together by listening to feedback from the original title. As charming and oldschool as it is though, is Retro Warfare 2 any fun? Let's find out.

How it Works: As with any game, you'll need to get it first, which is pretty simple as you just need to download the game from the Play Store. After that, you're ready to party like it's 1989.


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Selecting the tutorial is a good way to go, as it'll introduce you to the fairly simple controls and design of the game.

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In true retro game fashion, you're tasked with finding the keycard!

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A large part of the game is platforming, which can be really quite difficult at times, but then again games of the era won't easy by any means.


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As you progress throughout the levels, you'll slowly start to come across more and more enemies as well, which are easy to deal with by hitting B to fire, but remember you only have three heart of health, finding more isn't too difficult though.

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Opinion: While there's no denying that Retro Warfare 2 is a lot of fun, and I enjoyed my time with it, it feels more like a platformer than it does anything else. There's a lot of jumping around going on here, and while there's nothing wrong with that I felt that there wasn't enough shooting and such going on between those sequences. Still, we can't complain too much as games like Contra, Flashback and more all featured shooting and a rudimentary form of tactics in spades. With a little more shooting and less jumping, Retro Warfare 2 would appeal more to myself, but this is definitely a nice homage to the oldschool games that I grew up with, which easily makes this 'retro'.


  • Speed (4/5) – Retro Warfare 2 ran fine on my smartphone and tablet and the pacing of the game certainly fits the era it's paying homage to.
  • Features (4/5) – While I would like to see more shooting and less jumping, it is true to form and it's intoxicatingly difficult, delivering a nice challenge to players.
  • Theme (4/5) – A good-looking game, the retro graphics are nice and will remind players of the Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid game, Retro Warfare 2 might not be entirely original, but it's a nice throwback to the classic days of gaming and if you're looking for a challenge, this won't disappoint.


  • Very challenging at times, which is nice for those older gamers fed up of the flashy games that are over too quickly.
  • Health system is reminiscent of the old days of gaming and will have you carefully planning your attacks.
  • Easy control system with no fiddly digital stick to mess around with.
  • Good platforming that is very difficult and will force you to think.


  • Backgrounds do feel a little lifeless from time-to-time.
  • While the platforming is a lot of fun, it'd be nice to see more combat in the game.

Conclusion: While not perfect, there's a lot on offer from Retro Warfare 2 and those that grew up with their Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo consoles will really enjoy this. It's a good throwback to the classic days and while Retro Warfare 2 might feature too much platforming for my taste, it's still a good deal of fun. It's challenging, it has cool sound effects in it and you'll actually need to keep an eye on your health meter (unlike you know, every other shooter out there) and it's just a lot of fun to play around with.


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