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Description: Official Brazil Soccer is the not only the official computer game for the Brazil Soccer team, but it challenges you to pick your team from over 91 countries, and attempt to progress all the way through to the finals to win the world tournament. Whether you fancy yourself a quick match or you like to log in some serious sessions, Official Brazil Soccer is fast paced and full of action with English in game commentary and an upbeat soundtrack that keeps things feeling energetic and exciting. You can certainly play as Brazil in this game, but by no means is that the only team you can select. You can choose to take any of your favorite teams to victory, if you have the skill of course.

How It Works: First things first, before you can start competing, you'll have to download Official Brazil Soccer from the Play Store. Once you have that done open the game and begin.

Right from the get go Official Brazil Soccer turns up the excitement with the upbeat music soundtrack from dubFX. There's just something about hearing it immediately that makes playing the game feel more energizing.

Controls are comprised of the Virtual d-pad which controls your character, and then A, and B buttons to slide or block, and pass the ball to another player.

Choose whether to play a quick match which will only last a few minutes, or begin by trying to compete in the main even within the World Tournament mode. To do so of course you'll have to place by winning some qualifier matches. If you can make it, you'll end up competing against 31 other teams to try and become the world champion.

Scenarios mode will let you recreate and play in some famous footballing events from past years, with more new scenario packs getting added regularly during updates.

Switch your difficulty between amateur, pro, and international depending on your skill level and even alter the length of matches from time limits of 2, 4, or 6 minutes at a time. Enjoy the replays for big plays, or turn them off if you prefer.

World League Mode will let you play as "Team Football", which starts off as a fairly weak team that you'll have to improve through game progression. Play and win matches for in game currency, then use that currency to spend on your team and improve their skills.Quick Matches are for when you just want to get in little bit of Brazil Soccer action. The matches are fast and short, just a couple of minutes for the entire match but just enough to give you the fix you need.

Opinion: Official Brazil Soccer is a decently fun game that while the graphics are not the most advanced and quite like what we might be used to these days, graphics aren't required for the game to be fun and that's exactly what Official Brazil Soccer is. It's a good little sports game that should be especially loved by soccer fans. I didn't think I would like the game initially, but then I played it for a few rounds and I got into it. There's not a lot of overly confusing controls which makes it easy to pick up and play, and the quick match capabilities make it so that you can even get some game time in during a free moment of a busy day.


  • Speed (4.5/5) - The overall feel of the app speed is pretty good, although menu transitions felt a tad slow at times. Matches begin quickly and for the part everything felt fluid.
  • Features (4/5) - There are tons of sports games out there but Official Brazil Soccer manages to be unique and fun enough to be attention grabbing.
  • Theme (5/5) - The colors used, the menu design, and the music all play a great role in making the game feel fun and exciting. Better graphics would be nice, but even without them the game can still be a hit.
  • Overall ( 4/5) - So many sports games try to be too many things and you don't get that feel with this game. It's the right amount of challenging and fun at the same time.


  • The music soundtrack will keep things feeling upbeat and sort of drives the excitement to play more of the game.
  • There's a ton of teams to choose from and even though the name of the game is Official Brazil Soccer, you're given the choice to pick the team you wish to play as.
  • Multiple game modes allow a tailored style of play for the gamer, whether they have only a little bit of time or a lot.
  • Easy to get used to and a game that anyone who is a soccer fan can have fun with.


  • Controls can be tough at first due to auto-switching to the nearest player to the ball when on defense.
  • No option to turn off the auto switching of characters.

Conclusion: Official Brazil Soccer is fun and has a varied amount of gameplay modes that could keep anyone engaged. Once you get used to the controls you'll feel yourself striving more and more to best your opponent and score that goal. The game is free and the in-app-purchases aren't in your face which is a refreshing change of pace. If you like sports games and love soccer, even if you don't, Official Brazil Soccer is worth checking out. It'll set you back $0.99 if you're picking it up in the U.S.. Official Brazil Soccer is not available in some territories but those regions do have their own version of the same game just with a different title, I.E. Official England Football which costs $1.18 for that region. There is also Official France Soccer, and Official Japan Soccer as well.

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