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Description: Minebuild is a block building/crafting sandbox game very similar to Minecraft. You'll be dumped into a procedurally generated world of blocky terrain and you have free reign to build up whatever you heart desires or whatever you can dream up. You'll have tons of different blocks, items, and plant life at your disposal to build your dream home, an island stronghold, maybe even a factory of some kind if you so choose. While Minebuild doesn't seem to have any of the lifeforms that you can find in Minecraft, it does start you out with every block and item type that the game includes right from the very beginning. There's lots of room to build and lots to explore, with vast oceans and large mountain landscapes to tear down. The world is your canvas.

How It Works: First thing you'll need to do is head over to the Play Store and download Minebuild. The game is free, and once you have it installed you can jump right into building immediately.

Upon opening Minebuild you're randomly dropped somewhere in the world. There is a huge expanse of space so you can pick a spot and start building.

Level out some land by digging away blocks, or just blow a huge hole using dynamite to get things moving along faster. Either way, the sooner you plot out your land the sooner you can star building your masterpiece.

You can build up the world as you see fit. If you want everything made out of brick, then everything can be made out of brick. Since everything is already in your inventory, you don't actually have to mine for anything, you just build.

Digging away blocks is simple. You just tap and hold your thumb or finger over the block you want to get rid of and after a second or two, the clock will disappear.

You can save your worlds and put the game down anytime, then come back whenever you have the capability and everything will be as you left it, so you can continue building where you left off. Most familiar blocks and materials are here. Bricks, dirt, grass, fireplaces, glass for windows, doors, gold, ladders, etc. You'll find just about anything you need to build up all kinds of things.

Opinion: Minebuild is all about building. You don't have to craft anything to get the materials you need, furthermore you can't craft even if you wanted to. Controls seem to work just fine and you maneuver around with the on screen virtual d-pad and jump buttons. As stated above the game is free to play and has no IAP's, however in light of this, it does support ads which pop up during play now and again. You can exit out of them however and continue playing. There isn't as much to work with or as much to do as there is in Minecraft, however Minecraft PE also costs about $6, and Minebuild costs nothing. For a sandbox builder, it's actually not too bad.


  • Speed (5/5) - The game opens up quickly and it responds quickly to your presses or actions. No lag noticed.
  • Features (4/5) - It's a sandbox game, so there's lots to build, but other than that it's pretty basic. No mining or crafting needed.
  • Theme (4/5) - The theme is nice and familiar especially if you have played Minecraft before. Colors are good.
  • Overall (4/5) It's free, isn't buggy and you can guild whatever you like. One of the better free sandbox builder games I've seen.


  • Everything is available from the start so you can build anything with any material
  • Gameplay feels fluid with good controls.
  • It's free completely to download.
  • Google Play Games is integrated nicely.


  • Ads pop up too often, can feel like they interrupt the game
  • No animal life or other things to encounter and no multiplayer

Conclusion: If you're looking for a nice sandbox type game, Minebuild definitely leaves little to be desired. Although the ads can feel like they interrupt play a little sometimes, everything else seems to work nicely and controls feel pretty much spot on. It certainly is a very similar game to Minecraft, and truth be told there are some way where Minecraft comes out a little ahead. However Minecraft will cost you at least $5 or $6 while Minebuild is free. Building and tearing stuff down works as intended, and if you love to build and build to your hearts content, Minebuild doesn't really limit you., and Minebuild is constantly in development with additions of new stuff on the way. So while there isn't any animal or enemy life right now, it is coming and currently in development to be added.

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