Sponsored Game Review: Bounce Vortex


Description: Bounce Vortex is a dexterity game where you have to bounce the ball on a certain number of tiles in a given time for each level. As the levels progress, so do the number of tiles and you're given a little more time on the clock. More tiles types are also added to the number that you must hit making things quite a bit more challenging as time goes on. Things are simple at first, almost too simple, but that changes rather drastically and before you know it you're focused and knee deep in concentration. Bounce Vortex is more classified as a puzzle/arcade style game, but it's really all about your reflexes. Are they fast enough to beat the clock and avoid having the ball sucked down the vortex?

How It Works: The very first thing you'll need to do is download Bounce Vortex from the Play Store which is available in Five different languages.



Once the game is installed, opening it up will see you greeted with the main menu screen, where you can sign in to either Facebook or Google+ although not required(you can also check out the Facebook pages for the developer, WildMouse Animations, and for this game Bounce Vortex), and you can jump right into playing by hitting start. You'll also see infinity mode, but you won't be able to play that until you have unlocked it.



Once you start a game, there will be a friendly little tutorial to help you get acquainted with the game controls and what to do, it may feel like it gets in the way a little bit at first, but that will pass and you can move on to enjoying the game pretty quickly.


As stated above the game will start out pretty simple, with only red colored tiles for you to bounce the ball onto, but soon enough you'll notice that you'll end up having to bounce the soccer ball onto blue and gold colored tiles as well, and each colored tile(besides the initial red one)does something different to make things more challenging like launching meteors at tiles to burn them up for example.



The game comes down to dexterity and reflexes, so your main goal is to tap each tile as soon as the ball bounces off the previous tile. When the game starts the ball bounces on the first tile for you, and you pick it from there. You'll have to beat the clock and the tap tiles before they disappear.



I was only able to make it to level 17 personally before I stared having an extremely challenging time with it. Once you unlock infinity mode, you can play it for increased level score multipliers. Eventually the game will have upcoming competitions, and you can already compete against friends and family via social for a spot in the leaderboards.


Opinion: Bounce Vortex seems like an easy game at first, but that will change fast as you realize that you really have to focus to make sure you hit tiles before they either disappear or the time runs out. The game feels like it can help your coordination and reflexes, and it's also quite fun especially once you get up to about the 6 or 7th level and beyond. With varied challenges and an an infinity mode to truly test your skills, Bounce Vortex is an easy pick up and play game that can suck just about anyone in.



  • Speed (4/5) everything runs at a nice steady pace, and their didn't seem to be any stuttering for me.
  • Features (4/5)  Having only two modes felt a tiny bit lacking, but there is vast amount of challenge involved in both of them which pretty much makes up for that.
  • Theme (4/5) The graphics are decent and the theme works for what the game provides.
  • Overall (4/5) The physics work great and the challenge gives you plenty of replay value.


  • Simple at first, challenging as you get more into it, making it easy to learn but hard to master
  • Pick up and play mentality
  • Controls are simple, just tap the screen
  • lots and lots and lots of levels


  • Tutorial made things a bit frustrating in the beginning as the window kept popping up when I was trying to play, causing me to tap to late when the game un-paused
  • Force Closed on me three times during my time with it

Conclusion: Bounce Vortex is a game that is easy to get into, is fast and fun, and only simple enough to get you acquainted with things and get you engaged. Once you get near 10 levels in, the game really starts to test you and things get pretty challenging. The game is free and while there are ads, they don't get in your way of playing at all. Anyone looking for a fun game that can pick up and play for a few minutes at a time or even for an hour should check out Bounce Vortex.