Sponsored App Review: Zodiac Horoscope


Description: Zodiac Horoscope is an app for Android smartphones and tablets that will let those interested in what's in store for their star sign see today, tomorrow and even next month's horoscope nice and easily. With simple ratings out of a hundred for your health, love and your career it's easy to see if it's a good day or good week for star sign with Zodiac Horoscope. Built with a modern Android UI in mind, the simple, easy to digest interface will appeal to astrologists of all ages. A great way to check up on your star sign on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis is Zodiac Horoscope the app you've been waiting for?

How it Works: First of all, you'll need to download Zodiac Horoscope from the Play Store and then, of course, select your Horoscope.


2014-07-13 16.38.45

If you're unsure which star sign you are, all you need to do is hit the one that lands in the months where your birthday is. I'm a Pisces, so I'm going to go ahead and select that and see what's in store for me.

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A quick look at my health, love and career ratings for the day are shown out of a 100, which is great for those looking to get a quick update on what's in store for them. Scrolling down a little will give you a more detailed horoscope of course.

2014-07-13 16.39.32

You can even take a look at your horoscope for the rest of the month as well.


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Zodiac Horoscope also works great on tablets as well!



Opinion: I might not believe all that much in my horoscope, but having some sort of lift when getting up in the morning by checking by horoscope would certainly do wonders for how I start my day off. Not only that, but the lucky numbers included in the app are a nice touch for those looking to try new numbers on the lottery all the time. If your horoscope is important to you however, the simplicity of Zodiac Horoscope shouldn't put you off, after all the quicker and easier it is to get a look at the week ahead is great, right? The app itself looks good on both tablets and smartphones and there's very little to complain about here. It'd be nice to see less vague horoscopes, but that's Astrology and it's not the same for everyone. All-in-all, I like the fact that it's nice and easy to use and just works well out of the box.


  • Speed (4/5) – Zodiac Horoscope ran great on my smartphone and there's very little reason it shouldn't run well on anything.
  • Features (4/5) – For those looking for a simple – with a detailed view on offer as well – look at their Horoscope, this works brilliantly and is a joy to use.
  • Theme (5/5) – What makes Zodiac Horoscope so much fun to use is the good-looking, speedy and simple to use interface that looks good on tablets as well as smartphones. It's easy to use and has a nice, professional look to it.
  • Overall (4/5) – Great if your horoscope is important to you, but also a nice a stepping stone for those just getting started as it never asks much of the user.


  • Works well on smartphones as well as tablets, with high-resolution graphics.
  • Easy to use right out of the box, just select your star sign and go to work.
  • Simple ratings for health, love and your career are all nice ways to get a quick taste of what's in store.
  • Weekly, daily and monthly horoscopes with detailed descriptions are great for those who find real importance in their horoscope.


  • Might be a little overly simplified for a small selection of users.
  • An introduction to horoscopes and the zodiac in general would be nice for new users.

Conclusion: Zodiac Horoscope is a nice, simple and easy to use app that will appeal not only to those who find their horoscope important but those more casual as well. It's nice to see that simple here doesn't mean boring, and there's a good-looking feel to the app overall with some detailed descriptions of the day to come or weeks as well as a monthly look as well. A nice and easy to use app that just works with little to no hassle, Zodiac Horoscope is great on smartphones or tablets.