Sponsored App Review: True Water Live Wallpaper


Description: True Water is a Live Wallpaper for Android that features fully rendered water effects and 3D fish swimming around on your homescreen. With a slew of different settings for you to tweak from the wallpaper you see, to the color of the water and its fish to how well the live wallpaper performs on your device. You can interact with the fish in your live wallpaper and watch as the live-rendered water ripples with the touch of your finger or as the water moves with motion and rotation of your device. With lots of built-in themes, True Water has the option to create something entirely of your own, which is a great addition and will please those into customizing their devices. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

How it Works: Just like other apps on the Play Store, you’ll need to download True Water before you can use it. There’s a free version as well as a paid version, which features complete control over the wallpaper’s settings. Once you’e downloaded it from the Play Store, all you need to do is to choose it from the list of live wallpapers.

2014-07-02 14.51.29

From there, you can take a look at all of the changes offered to you.

2014-07-02 14.51.40

The bulk of your choices surround active scenes that are a complete theme for you to tweak, and there’s a good variety of them on offer.

2014-07-02 14.51.53

You can take control of individual settings though, and change whatever you want, like the color of the fish, the amount of them among other settings.

2014-07-02 14.52.57

Once you’re happy with all of your settings, you can go ahead and take a look at how it looks on your homescreen.

2014-07-02 14.53.53

While great for tablets, True Water also works great on smartphones as well.



Don’t forget, it’s not just touch that the water reacts to, with motion and rotation of your device also effecting how the living water moves on your display.


Opinion: I’ve always enjoyed Live Wallpapers, and True Water is a lovely new addition to those that I rotate every now and then. Not only is there a raft of different settings, like performance, the look of  the wallpaper and more. If you want something that’s easily customizable with lots of options, this won’t let you down. As for the overall look and feel of the Live Wallpaper, it looks nice and the default themes are good-looking if not a little on the darker side than I was expecting. The water effect is excellent and if you use to live near the coast or something like that, we’re sure this will bring back some nice memories. For a taste of nature and a little peace, True Water is a lovely choice for your homescreen.


  • Speed (4/5) – While this is quite intensive, it does run well and there are options to reduce the impact on your device.
  • Features (5/5) – There’s no denying that True Water has all the customization options you could want, with more settings than perhaps most people know to look for.
  • Theme (4/5) – True Water looks great, even if you don’t spend the time to customize your theme however, the water effect can be a little too elastic at times, however this can be adjusted in the settings.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – At the end of the day, True Water has a whole raft of settings to change, and it looks great and will bring a nice bit of nature to your homescreen.


  • Lots of settings from performance to sophisticated look and feel options.
  • Water effect is excellent and realistic, with cool effects.
  • Fish swim around with vigor and bring a nice living feel to a device.
  • Works great and looks great on both smartphones and tablets.


  • Being able to choose from different breeds of fish would be a great choice.
  • Themes do often feel a little too dark to my eyes.

Conclusion: Looking for a new live wallpaper that features water as well as nature? Then True Water is something that you should be very much looking into, there are so many options to change the look and feel of your wallpaper to make it own and the overall look is pretty great. For those that used to live by the coast, like fish or just want to try something, True Water Live Wallpaper is a cool app.