Sponsored App Review: TickTick – Todo & Task List


Description: TickTick is another todo app for Android that focuses on keeping your schedules and todo lists synced across a number of different devices as well as being as simple to use as possible. TickTick features the usual checklist, with support for multiple lists, there's a built-in scheduler as well a widget for quick reference. Anything you'd need from a todo list is featured in TickTick – like the ability to share lists with family or coworkers – but what is it that makes TickTick any different, or better than other todo list apps that have been available for a long time? Let's take a closer look, shall we?

How it Works: To get started with TickTick, you'll first need to download the app from the Play Store. While it's not a requirement you sign in or sign up for an account, this is how you'll be able to sync your lists and such across devices. You can always sign in with Google to make it nice and simple.


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When you've got an account put together, you can go ahead and start adding things to a list. Before that though, there's a fairly nice introduction from TickTick's creators that can help you get to grips with its features and the interface.

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Starting a list of your own however is pretty easy, there are two lists included by default, Work and Family, with the option to create more if you want.

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Adding items to a list is as simple as typing it in and then hitting the arrow at the top to go back to the list. You can add due-dates here, which are fairly intuitive like "Tomorrow" or you can name a date and time.


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Having separate lists for work and home is nice, as you can create a more laidback, casual list for days when you have to prepare things – like this list I made for an upcoming soccer game.

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There are a slew of settings you can tweak, and you can find out what upgrading to Pro will get you, too.

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Not just a todo list for phones though, TickTick also works great on tablets.



With an iPhone app and a Chrome extension to boot, this is definitely worth looking at if you need to sync things together.

Opinion: An excellent example of how less really is more, TickTick has all of the right boxes ticked when it comes to creating a modern todo list app for Android, but all of these fancy options are buried away when you don't need them. If you want to deal with schedules and precise timings, than you can do with no issues whatsoever, but these options are hidden away, making everything simple and easy to use right the moment you get started with the app. Being able to just start typing up a list and then be done with it is pretty important, especially for users that just want a clean and simple to use checklist app. Being able to sync with a Chrome extension is a pretty big deal as well, after all pretty much everyone uses Chrome and if you're a Chromebook user this can help tighten the bond between your laptop and your Android.



  • Speed (4/5) – TickTick runs great and I had no issues with the performance of the app overall.
  • Features (5/5) – With everything here, TickTick practices a very important thing; restraint. All of the features you want are here, but it's quick and easy to use with those advanced features tucked away for only you need them.
  • Theme (4/5) – With a good-looking UI here (and a dark theme for those interested) TickTick is easy to use, with advanced features cleverly put away for quick use later on.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – An excellent alternative to the likes of Keep and Evernote, TickTick does todo lists like everyone should; simply without dumbing things down.


  • Looks great on both smartphones and tablets, while taking advantage of the extra space on tablets.
  • Syncs together notes with the Chrome extension and even the iPhone version of the app.
  • Sharing lists with family members and coworkers will help TickTick settle into your daily routine.
  • UI is both easy to use, without being boring and is fairly pleasing on the eyes.


  • More theme options would be nice to see.
  • While their own sync method is great, it would be nice to see syncing with Google Calendar.

Conclusion: TickTick is a great todo app and there's very little that users will find missing, as TickTick have put all of the common features – as well as some fairly advanced ones – that people ask of their todo app and while it doesn't sync with Google Calendar, it works great on multiple devices and platforms. You can easily share lists with coworkers and family members as well, making this one of the more versatile options available for Android these days.