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Description: Ringtone Maker Deluxe is an Android app that fulfills one fairly simple task, it helps you create ringtones for your device. Ringtone Maker Deluxe simply scans your device for MP3s and then allows you to trim them, to use a different section and then set this track as your ringtone or your alarm tone or whatever else you want. It's got some advanced features to it, but the aim of the app is to be as simple as possible.If you've got a four minute song but you just want the chorus, it takes just a minute to create your ideal tone. You can also use this to create short notification tones, perhaps from a recording of your own or the TV, whatever you want it's all nice and simple.


How it Works: You'll need to download Ringtone Maker Deluxe from the Play Store before you can get started, but that's just a short download away.

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Hitting the main button will quickly send you to all the MP3 files on your smartphone, which does deliver me a bit of a problem as I use Play Music for all my stuff, but I do have some tracks on here.


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I'm a big Bioshock: Infinite fan and the 1900s remixes of 80s classics are brilliant, so I want to make one of those my ringtone. I can just set the MP3 as a whole, but I want to trim it a little bit.

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All you need to do is move the section, or drag the sliders which way you like to position your ringtone as you want it.

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When you have it just as you want, just hit the save button and you'll be able to save it as a notification, a default ringtone or as a ringtone for a special contact.


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Opinion: Ringtones has been one area in which Android has always been nice and flexible, you can effectively use whatever the hell you like on Android, but it is nice to have some control over things. You could spend hours on Zedge looking for just the chorus of the song, or you could just cut it using Ringtone Maker Deluxe, I know which one I'd rather do. The app looks nice, the ads are kept under control and there's no issue with speed or anything like that. In fact, the developer is also up front about permissions and it's just a good app to have installed. It'll help you get the most out of your music for ringtones and if you like to create interesting notification tones as well, this will help you do that.


  • Speed (4/5) – Ringtone Maker Deluxe is a speedy app and it just works nice and simply.
  • Features (4/5) – It fulfills a simple need, it makes ringtones and it does so with little hassle and just gets the job done.
  • Theme (4/5) – It's a free app, but ads are kept under control and the black and gold scheme looks pretty nice.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid app that offers a simple way to create good-sounding ringtones, Ringtone Maker Deluxe is worth just keeping around.


  • Free, but ads are kept under control and don't get in the way too much at all.
  • No need to deal with complicated controls or anything like that.
  • Works for notifications, alarms as well as ringtones.
  • Doesn't even ask users to use a file browser, all the MP3s you have are found automatically.


  • Can't access cached files from Google Play Music, which is a blow for All Access users.
  • Support for other formats other than MP3 would be good.

Conclusion: Ringtone Maker Deluxe just works and it works well, it is annoying that I can't use my music from Google Play, but I can see why. Those that transfer and store a lot of music on their devices however, already have a lot of material to work with and Ringtone Maker Deluxe makes it easy to create your own. With fade in and fade out optional as well, it's really simple to create a professional sounding ringtone using this.



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