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Description: Mobile Number Locations Pro (Phone2Location Pro) is an Android app that wants to make your phone call experience not only easier to understand who is calling you and from where, but smarter. It's not just about locations, as the app also features the ability to block calls from chosen numbers, too. Mobile Number Locations Pro can show you which State or region people are calling from and easily group these together for easy sorting. There's a pop-up that features over incoming calls telling you where callers are located (roughly, of course) and a notification of your last caller is displayed with handy information. With themes as well as the ability to text a contact from their card in Mobile Number Locations Pro there's a lot on offer and those using their smartphone for business should find a lot of use here.

How it Works: Mobile Number Locations Pro needs to be downloaded from the Play Store first, then when you launch it, you'll be giving some hints as to what the app has to offer.


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One of the major features is of course the ability to block incoming calls.

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This is a great feature that those using Mobile Number Locations Pro for personal use will really appreciate as it can help protect against nuisance calls and texts. When you launch the app for the first time, you'll see your call log as well as the ability to take a look at where people are with those numbers.

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All of these numbers were correct in my testing, but it doesn't do any more than telling you the country for cell phones for countries other than US/India/China. The app works great for these countries as it shows locations at city level for both mobile and landline numbers. Theme support is a nice touch in the Pro version as you can change the look and feel of your app.


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There's a notification popup for the last call you either received or missed and this will give you location information as well, which is more than the default Android app does.

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Mobile Number Locations Pro is so much more than just an app that tells you where people are calling from, with detailed call logs as well as a great place for contacts with SMS built right in.


Opinion: Mobile Number Locations Pro is an app that seems a little confused with what it wants to do. It definitely tells you where people are calling from, more accurately than Google's solution does in my experience, but it offers a lot more than that and almost everything else it does, it does better than telling me where someone is calling from. For instance, putting SMS messages in with a contact's info is a great touch, especially here in the UK as everyone uses SMS messages still, and the ability to block numbers is something that more and more people are looking for on their smartphone. We can't complain too much though, as business users will really appreaciate the advanced call log screen as well as the detailed notification for the last caller. Meanwhile, personal users will be able to block nuisance callers as well as change the theme to their liking.



  • Speed (3.5/5) – While it's no slouch, Mobile Number Locations Pro isn't the speediest phone app out there but there is some data for the app to download in the background.
  • Features (5/5) – It might be in need of a name change, but Mobile Number Locations Pro does a whole bunch of stuff to make your dialling experience better and more flexible.
  • Theme (4/5) – Mobile Number Locations Pro is an app that's built with a modern Android look and the ability to change the look of the app is a nice touch.
  • Overall (4/5) – An excellent phone app that expands the usefulness of your smartphone it not only tells you where your contacts or where people are calling you from, but it has lots of advanced features worth exploring.


  • Genuinely works and will automatically group your contacts by their location.
  • Offers call and text message blocking for chosen numbers, perfect for nuisance calls and such.
  • Themes are a nice touch for personal users.
  • Great for business folk who use their smartphones for everything thanks to the advanced notification and call log.


  • The Pro version costs money, so to see paid-for themes is a little off-putting. However, there is a free ad-supported version available.
  • Only gets location data for cell phones in the US, India andChina.

Conclusion: Mobile Number Locations Pro has a really long feature list and one that can only be appreciated after using it for some time, but some of the best features aren't anything to do with location. The advanced call log is great for those liaising with customers – or just those who still prefer a good natter on the phone – and the advanced notification is great to get a feel from where people are calling from. More than that though, the contact views are fully featured too, with SMS built right in and overall, Mobile Number Locations Pro has much more to offer than its name lets on.


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