Sponsored App Review: Find Them All: Looking for Animals


Description: Find Them All is an Android app designed for kids, and more importantly to be used by kids. It’s a game that educates children by asking them to find animals in environments such as a typical farm or the African grasslands. There are 144 animals across 5 environments and the names of animals can be read aloud in 7 languages. The app features voice prompts, easy to use touch controls and more. Find Them All is interactive on such a level that young kids will be able to simple and effectively use the app themselves to learn the names of animals, what they look like and what ype of environment they live in.

How it Works: Once you’ve downloaded Find Them All from the Play Store, you can go ahead and get started with the game.

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Once you’ve chosen the environment, the sun will ask you to find an animal and then give you a little image of it.

2014-07-04 14.58.15

When you or your little one has tapped the right animal, the image will appear and you can even hear it spoken aloud in a different language from the wheel.

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After playing for a while, you can take a look at the card album, which will feature all the animals you’ve found so far.

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When 12 animals have been discovered, the camera feature is then unlocked and players can use the camera to take photos of animals to get access to spoken commentaries about the animals. With more than 200 of these audio commentaries available, kids are given more info on animals they have to find in the game, a nice educational touch.

2014-07-04 15.03.49

In a similar fashion to the cards, photos you take will be made available in a photo album.



More than that, the camera unlocks a whole new level of interactivity for players. Jigsaw puzzles can be made of your photos for you to solve.


As well as jigsaw puzzles, you can take a photo of question marks to be challenged a quick quiz. The most exciting for little ones however, is perhaps the ability to take a photo of the cameraman to get access to videos.


Opinion: As we said earlier on, Find Them All can be used by a child, which is really important. It’s all find and well a game or app being lots of fun for kids, but if an adult has to everything for them, it’s no longer any fun. Thanks to the easy swipe and tap controls as well as the voice prompts, Find Them All can easily be played by your little ones with very little fuss at all. It’s obviously much more fun to play the game with your kids, but they can definitely take charge here. The colors and sounds are all clear, vibrant and easy to pick out, which all come together to teach little ones more than you might think about animals and recognizing sounds. Once the camera is unlocked though, the game really comes into its own, offerings kids a nice level of freedom and even introducing them to finding animals at night using the torch.


  • Speed (4/5) – Find Them All runs well, and there’s very little in the way of slowdowns when it comes to running through all the animals.
  • Features (5/5) – With the ability for kids to use the app themselves, this is great for helping pre-schoolers learn the usual animal names and above all, it’s good fun.
  • Theme (4/5) – The bright colors are nice to look at and everything is vibrant and attractive for young ones to interact with.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – With good voiceovers, good-looking animals and environments and an interface that kids can use themselves, Find Them All is a great game for helping put kids on the right track as they start their learning lives.


  • Easy to play with swipe and tap controls used throughout.
  • Animal names are available in 7 different languages for even more learning.
  • Voice prompts are used to help the kids get the most of the app themselves.
  • Camera function adds a nice dynamic for kids to explore things like the farm and the African grasslands, and it’s a great use of the reward system.


  • Some sort of built-in quiz mode would be nice to see aside from just finding the animals.
  • Have to pay for each extra environment, a one-off purchase option would be nice.

Conclusion: It’s not often we come across an app like this that offer educational value that kids themselves can tap into without having to ask for too much help. The interface here is intuitive and the voice prompts from the happy sun only come into play when they’re needed, allowing kids to have fun and learn at their own pace. An excellent app that looks good and will help with both the learning of animal names and an introduction into other languages, Find Them All is definitely something to take a look at.