Sony Dissects the Xperia Z2 Tablet and Reassembles It

If there is one thing that Sony has done well, it would be that their devices do not simply possess the latest specifications but are beautifully designed. For anyone who wants to know if there is beauty within, Sony' SGNL has kindly demonstrated how the Xperia Z2 tablet looks like internally through the release of a teardown video laying bare to all the inner beauty of the Xperia Z2 tablet.

The video first starts by going through the external design, layout of the Z2 tablet and specs, followed by the dismantling of the Z2 tablet into its components. Internally, the Z2 tablet is pretty well designed as the cabling is done rather neatly and components are well thought out. For anyone wondering why the headphone jack is uncovered, the video shows at 2.08 that it has its own stand alone waterproof housing ensuring that any water that comes in is isolated to that particular location. The removal of the battery looks to be pretty troublesome as there is a need to remove the sealing using a certain amount of force. Throughout the video there is a running commentary explaining how the Z2 tablet is to be taken apart, the functionality of the various components and the principle behind how the tablet is designed. The video makes it look really easy to take the Z2 tablet apart, but it remains to be seen whether this is truly the case for the average inexperienced user, as something tells me there might just be the possibility of accidentally cracking the screen while trying to remove the screen. Interestingly enough, this so happens to be the very first step to dissection which would probably put off most users. For the brave hearted, there is also a buildup video on how to put together the Z2 tablet again. Do take note, that there is a possibility that in doing so the Z2 tablet loses its waterproofing if the reassembly is not done correctly and or well. For the rest, does this video convince you that the Z2 tablet is a device well worth your hard earn money?

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