Solo Launcher: Lightweight launcher leads the future.


In 2010, when Windows Phone starts the Flat Design, it was regarded as a joke.In 2011, when Android 4.0 follows Flat Design, it was seen as Android's resistance towards Apple.In 2013, when IOS7 adopts Flat Design, FD becomes a fever. 

Concerning applications launchers, Solo Launcher practices flat design into perfection. It is featured in light and fast. From the stunning 3D effects to simplistic interface, lightweight launcher may lead the future. 

The stagnation of Next Launcher 3D Shell's growth rate

After Go Launcher Team released the $16 Next Launcher 3D Shell in 2012, the number of users increased sharply in the initial period, but soon the growth is stagnated. This is because the dazzling 3D effect and stunning animations can easily cause the fatigue of the users. And the excessive 3D shell as well as a ton of complicated tools and options sometimes fiercely slow down the mobile. These features can make users feel exhausted and breathless. 

Solo Launcher learns the lesson 

Learning from this, in 2013, Solo Team developed a brand-new Android application launcher: Solo Launcher. It is characterized in lightweight, smooth and customizable. The original theme of Solo Launcher is in light blue. As it is said "Thin as onion skin", the user interface is fresh and straightforward, bringing users the feel of oxygen. Compared to Go Launcher Ex, Solo Launcher's UI style is flatter, and the UE is more comfortable. Solo launcher has more than 300 personalization setting and 9 convenient shortcut gestures, which basically cover all users' needs.

Flat design plus handy customization

Solo launcher abandons excessive animation effect and unnecessary options, bringing Android fans a fresh launcher. It is not difficult to notice that since the release of IOS7 in 2013, the flat design revives as today's trend. Solo Launcher's flat UI combines with subtle color and grid design, bringing user less pressure and better experience. Moreover, Solo Launcher's personalized features and gestures are very handy. Compared to Go Launcher's home screen settings, Solo's organizations are more simplistic and straightforward. Additionally, many paid prime features and plugins of Go Launcher Ex are totally free in Solo Launcher.