Snapchat Files For Trademarks That Will Bring Person To Person Payments In-App

Popular app Snapchat seems to be looking at a way to allow in app money transfers between followers, and possibly even setting up a way for people to buy products from brands that they normally buy online or in physical retail outlets, all through the app. These suggestions come from trademark documents that Snapchat has apparently filed earlier in the week which points to these possible scenarios as a way for Snapchat to monetize their system a little more passed the regular IAPs and ad sponsorship they've dealt with before. They wouldn't be the first chat or instant messaging service to bring a person to person money transfer feature to their app, popular IM application Groupme has had person to person money transfers in the form of a "split check" feature available for some time which allows for one party member to accept payments from the others in the group chat.

Snapchat's trademarks are serial number 86335306, which states the new application for a Computer application software for processing electronic payments to and from others that may be downloaded from a global computer network, and serial number 86335307 which states the new application for Electronic transfer of money for others; providing electronic processing of electronic funds transfer, ACH, credit card, debit card, electronic check and electronic, mobile and online payments. Both of these applications are listed as being assigned to an examining attorney approximately 3 months after the filing date, so it could still be a while before we see any of these features actually make their way into the Snapchat app, depending on how long it takes for them to approve them.

Plenty of people use Snapchat and we'd wager that a good number of them probably use other apps or services to transfer money between friends, or other apps that allow them to purchase products from the brands they love. While they could easily just continue to use separate apps for all of the things they love doing, having person to person payments and money transfers as well as the ability to purchase brand name products all wrapped up into one application that they may already use often, just makes things simpler and saves time. Would you use this feature if it were added or continue using other means?

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