Samsung's Galaxy S4 Active Gets Attacked by a Lawnmower and Keeps 'a Ticking'


Samsung has always told us how tough their Galaxy S Active smartphones are and how it was designed for people with an 'active' lifestyle. It is described as: "Built for an active lifestyle, the Galaxy S 5 Active is dustproof, shock- and water-resistant, and ready for whatever comes its way. Equipped with an IP67 rating and certified to meet a series of demanding military standard specifications2, this rugged smartphone is designed to withstand the rigors of your workout and your world" – you know the type…hikers, joggers, rock climbers, fisherman, outdoorsman and people that mow their grass

Yes, you read that correctly…mowing grass.  It seems that a fellow was mowing his yard on a riding lawnmower, listening to his tunes through his Samsung Galaxy S4 Active when he felt the phone fall from his pocket and bounce under the blades on his mower. He immediately stopped, but the damage was done – the blades had taken a chunk of the upper right corner of the display, but surprisingly, it never stopped playing music and the phone and screen are still fully functional. It has several hairline cracks on the screen, but he says when the phone is turned on you cannot see them…there is no word whether it was insured, if he would continue to use the old phone or pick up a new – but I bet he will think about getting a new Galaxy S5 Active. Please check out the other photos at the end of the article.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (the latest in the series) is designed to hold up to the vigors of a person with an active and outdoor lifestyle.  It has a rugged case on the outside for shock-resistance up to a four-foot drop and IP67 certified dust and water resistance inside.  It comes with Samsung's Activity Zone – just press one button on the side of the device and it will launch all the outdoor activity-related features on one screen.  You get a Barometer reading, Compass reading, Flashlight and Stopwatch all on one screen.  It combines a 5.1-inch Full HD display, protective buttons for navigation and a 16MP camera ready to take those one-time photos or to record 4K video…and you will still be able to mow your grass at the end of a long day hiking.


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