Samsung On Track To Launch Two New Premium Devices Later In The Year

New devices are always on the horizon it seems, but consumers tend to take notice a little more when they come from one of the largest electronics manufacturers. With that said, Samsung apparently has two new devices on the way, one of which will be using new materials, and a new type of display that we haven't yet heard about, and the other is supposedly coming with a "big screen". The first is being touted as a "very innovative new product" with a big display according to Samsung Mobile Communications Senior VP Hyun-Joon Kim. The other is the one with new materials and a new display that we just mentioned, with the materials and the display referred to by Kim as "attractive". The use of that word makes us think that they will continue to push forward with their focus on designing a device that is just as stylish and fashion-centric as it is functional, which was a big focus of designing the Galaxy S5. Could the second device be the Galaxy Alpha?

Rumors of course are already humming that the Note 4 must be the device that Kim referred to with the bigger display, and that very well could be true. If that is the case, then we have to wonder how Samsung plans to take something iconic like their Note series of devices that have been arguably very good in the last two iterations, and make the device "new and innovative." We definitely expect it to have some powerful new specs but what could they be planning to make it stand out and give users that feeling of awe and a sense of something that hasn't been seen?

Samsung is likely looking for new ways to entice and bring in new customers as they recently posted a loss in earning for the second quarter. They still hold the largest percentage of smartphones sold but their numbers are decreasing to other smaller brands. perhaps the announcements of new and attractive materials and some new innovations can bring some of those customers back that they lost. That is if the innovations and features/materials are meaningful to the consumer and not mere gimmicks as some have felt before about some of Samsung's devices. Whatever these new additions will be, Samsung will still likely make plenty of profit off of them when the devices are launched, but will they be captivating enough to spur an increase in operating profits this time around as opposed to another decrease?

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