Samsung Tipped to Partner with Under Armour to Produce…’Smart Armour’?

July 16, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


In case you haven’t been paying attention to the wearable and connected space over the last few weeks, it’s clear Samsung means business. Sure, the Galaxy Gear and now the Gear 2 line of devices have been on shelves for some time now, but very recently the South Korean giant has been signing partnerships left, right and center. With word that the company is ready to pull the trigger on a $200 Million deal to purchase home automation firm SmartThings it seems there’s no stopping Samsung getting ‘smarter’. Samsung has even teamed up with the likes of Dell and Intel to form the Open Interconnect Consortium, to form an open platform for the Internet of things. Now though, it seems Samsung is going after wearable technology in the most literal sense.

Word coming out of South Korea is that Samsung and Under Armour are to team up to create well, Smart Armour is our best guess. Just what the two are working on, if they’re even working together at this point, is anyone’s guess, but the Yonhap News Agency is reporting that Lee Jay-yong – dubbed the heir of the Samsung Group – met with Under Armour’s Founder and CEO Kelvin Plank. While perhaps exaggerated, it’s said that Jay-yong was seen wearing an Under Armour shirt to Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference held last week in Idaho. That wouldn’t be the first time that a company has tried to woo another by publicly using their good though, would it?

Apparently, when the two met in South Korea earlier this month, they talked about countering the collaboration that Nike and Apple have enjoyed for many years and we’re sure ideas of getting some sort of technology into Under Armour’s sports goods was spoken about. Even if nothing major comes of such a collaboration, it could be a big deal for Samsung, even if Under Armour simply starts selling the Gear Fit through their online store or through special deals at retailers. Of course, with the way Samsung is approaching the wearable sector these days, we wouldn’t be surprised if they had their eye on something much bigger than another marketing partnership.