Samsung Is Taking Shots At Apple Again In New Ads

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We all know the Love Samsung and Apple have for one another. They’ve been to court, bashed one another with ads, and have gone the whole ten yards. Well Samsung is back again taking more shots at Apple with their new Galaxy Tab S. The ads boast the Super Amoled displays that provide better video and picture quality and as well as their multitasking feature. In two ads Samsung has made for its Galaxy Tab S, they show how their tablet can improve two areas of life that we do — parenting and watching movie with your friends. Now from watching these videos, it seems like people wouldn’t commit such acts as depicted in these ads. But when you think long and hard about it, there are people in this world that probably do.

In the first Samsung ads, there is a father and his baby son using what looks to be an iPad. The father is holding the tablet in front of his son showing him a movie. Every couple seconds the father would pull the tablet away to quickly watch a football game, but as he does, his son begins to cry. So in an attempt to relieve his sadness he switches back over to the cartoon he was showing him and his son is happy again. In the next scene, the father is now holding a Galaxy Tab S and is showing his son the cartoon. In the middle of his son watching, he opens the multitask feature and pulls up the game on the right side of the screen. Now him and his son are at peace with one another.

The second Samsung ad shows to guys watching the same movie on their own tablet. Now I don’t know too many people who do this but I am guessing there are. As the movie plays the guy ask “Do you see what I see?,” talking about the the man standing off in the left hand corner watching the young lady who is sitting down. The guy with the depicted iPad can’t see the man but the guy with the Galaxy Tab S with the Super Amoled display can and is mind boggled by why his buddy can’t see. Then the ad cuts to the next scene explaining how Super Amoled is much better than LCD.

The new Samsung ads may seem a bit questionable due to the fact that the actions committed by the people seem odd. How many people watch the same movie on their own tablet? Whether or not the ads were weird, Samsung got their point across strongly. The true question is, will people leave their current tablet behind in favor of the better multitasking feature and Super Amoled displays? You’re the consumer, so let us know what you will do in the comments section.