Samsung Now Selling Phones Directly Through Its Website in Europe

July 29, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Many manufacturers nowadays have figured out that customers don’t always like to buy their phones from a retail chain, rather sometimes it’s just better to order the device straight from the manufacturer itself.  This can sometimes get you additional discounts or other offers that a retail chain might not be able to offer, and while it doesn’t seem that Samsung is making its phones any cheaper by the move to start selling their phones on their website, it doesn’t mean that won’t come in the future.  Samsung has redesigned its European site and is now directly selling to customers through that site in many European countries.

The visual overhaul of Samsung’s website features exactly what you would expect from a visual overhaul nowadays: lots of flat colors and simple menus, but selection buttons and bold fonts.  You can also choose all the colors of the device rather than being restricted to whatever is currently available from your carrier of choice.  This also gives you Galaxy Offers, a special selection of free apps and services that come with your new Galaxy device.  Depending on the country you live in you’ll be redirected to Samsung’s regional site, which may or may not present the direct purchase option for you.  Go ahead and check out Samsung’s website if you’re interested.

Right now this is only available in Europe, and going to Samsung’s website in the US, for example, will only present you with links to buy Samsung’s smartphones through your carrier of choice.  You can still purchase other Samsung products through Samsung’s website though, like tablets and other devices.