Samsung Model SM-G901F Gets Bluetooth Certification; Galaxy F, LTE-A for Europe?

Galaxy S5 AH 02. 1


This year we’ve seen more rumors surrounding Samsung devices than we have in the last few years and while the Galaxy S5 might not have arrived to the same sort of fanfare as Samsung were hoping for, and the company hasn’t been as successful as their past years. They’ve still proven with the Galaxy S5 LTE-A that they can still push the boundaries. Unfortunately for the majority of us, this version of the Galaxy S5 isn’t to be made available outside of South Korea, which is where the Galaxy F comes in. A premium device that we’ve seen leak out a number of times already, the Galaxy F is said to feature the same spec sheet as the Galaxy S5 LTE-A for the Western market. A recent Bluetooth certification raises questions of whether or not the Galaxy F has been certified or a European Galaxy S5 LTE-A is on the cards.

As GforGames is reporting, a Samsung device with the model number of SM-G901F has been spotted being certified in the Bluetooth SIG. This model number has been referenced a number of times over the past few months when talking about the Galaxy S5 Prime, which ended up carrying a model number of SM-G906X, so there’s a chance that this is the Galaxy F. However, there’s also rumor that this could be a Galaxy S5 LTE-A for Europe, which isn’t entirely unprecedented as the Snapdragon 800 packing Galaxy S4 did make it to Orange in France and the Galaxy S5 variants feature the same SM-G9XX model number format.

So, which is it ? It could be either, and it could also be neither of those two possibilities. As usual, these rumors should be taken with a little bit of salt, especially as the Galaxy S5 LTE-A is apparently staying firmly inside South Korea according to Samsung. As for the Galaxy F, well we’ve seen it a number of times in images and it does seem likely that Samsung would bring something out to compete against the G3 and other second-half devices from Sony and company.