Samsung Gives People A Ride In The "Tab Cab" To Capture Reactions Of The Super AMOLED Screen

It's not quite as exhilarating as the Cash Cab, but Samsung's new stunt to put out awareness of how awesome the new Super AMOLED screen is on the Galaxy Tab S, does the job of getting people's attention. They filmed people getting into a normal looking everyday Taxi Cab, and then got their reactions to the new Super AMOLED display. A move obviously made to capture the real reactions and opinions of the display on their new line of tablets that were recently launched, and if anything the video shows that Samsung really does know how to market. The cab is appropriately named the "Tab Cab" and is boldly stated on the license plate of the vehicle. We wonder how many people may have noticed the plates if at all.

Samsung points out in the beginning of the video that accompanies this little stunt that reactions are real, "New York City real" which I guess really sells the fact that they didn't pay individuals to react the way that Samsung wanted. In actuality it just Samsung's way of making a joke we think but the reactions do of course seem as real as they could ever be. You'll have to give the video a watch to see for yourself. To grab people's opinions they simply mounted four different tablets with four different screen types into the little window that separates the front seat where the driver is from the back seat where the passengers are, and they asked each individual to choose which screen they preferred.

According to Samsung 17 out of 20 people preferred the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S over the three others that were on display. The Galaxy Tab S has over 20% more color than other displays says Samsung, and people's reactions seemed to convey those feelings of utter shock and awe. One person stated that it looked like a window, and another said that she felt she could literally step "into" the screen because the vivid colors made it look so real. We have yet to check out a Galaxy Tab S for ourselves, but decisions within the Tab Cab are unanimous, the Galaxy Tab S is the clear winner. Give the video a watch as there is also quite a bit of comical dialogue from the lady showing of the tablets.

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