Samsung Acquired SmartThings, Home Automation Start-Up?


You may have heard about something called the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT consists of everything in our lives that has a web connection, essentially "Smart" devices. Samsung may have just acquired an in-home smart device company in order to better compete in the ever-evolving tech market.

A startup called SmartThings has been focusing their efforts in the smart home market. The space consists of things like smart-outlets, locks, thermostats and more all which a user can control from wither anywhere in their home or anywhere in the world using nothing but an app on their smartphone. While this is still a fresh market, it's very competitive and moving fast. While SmartThings was in the growing stages, they received a total of $15 million from a long list of investors. While the company has plenty of support, a new rumor suggests that the owners of the company decided to sell to Samsung. This is assumed to be a move by Samsung to start out ahead of other companies already working to get smart devices into the home.

It seems like faster and faster we are moving towards a world that is similar to that of the Jetsons. Smart appliances are popping up everywhere, from the kitchen, to the bathroom and everywhere in between. These smart objects are to be known as part of the Internet of Things. While most companies say this is an effort to make our lives easier, it may also make their jobs easier-as they collect more and more data about us. Smart devices will be able to help tech companies better advertise to us. Once our homes are fully connected, they will be able to know us on almost a personal level that even we may not know ourselves on. This is a valid argument for companies like Google, but what does Samsung have to gain here?

It becomes more apparent that smart devices will best be sold by device manufacturers. It's a matter of the public already used to buying their products. As a few examples, consumers already know about Samsung for their smartphones, televisions, refrigerators, ovens, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, washers and dryers the list goes on. Once Samsung has acquired a company that already is well balanced in the smart home market-SmartThings-they can connect all of these appliances and even add more. The move becomes more clear when you see that Samsung's smartphone sales seem to keep dropping at a rate of roughly 22-26 percent each year.

While this transaction has not been confirmed it does seem to make sense as the next big move by Samsung. So tell us, would home automation be easier for you if you were buying the appliances from a company you already know of? Or would you feel just as safe buying from a start-up or lesser known company?


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