Rumor: Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 to Feature Metal Build 'Premium Option' and Flexible Display



Samsung rumors are fairly common, especially when it comes to the upcoming Galaxy Note 4, but this one is a little bizarre and once again brings out the well-trodden rumor that Samsung is to put a flexible display in the Galaxy Note. Just as we heard last year, Korean sources are saying that the Galaxy Note is going to feature a flexible display when it launches in the Fall. Not only that, but that the Galaxy Note 4 will feature a metal build in a "premium version" of the device.


Industry insiders cited by ETNews are saying that Samsung engineers are currently figuring out which sort of metal to use in a premium version of the Note 4, something we seriously doubt. After all, rumors of a premium version of the Galaxy S5 have still yet to materialize and while thee will always be pockets of consumers displeased with the build quality of Samsung's devices, the Korean giant is still in the interest of creating devices for everybody, rather than devices for those who can afford to pay a little extra. The rest of the rumor suggests that Samsung will be using a flexible display in the Galaxy Note 4, with rumors that their display plant has scaled up production to meet demand and that production yields are much higher than before. Again, we question whether or not Samsung would use a flexible display as using the S-Pen on a curved surface could be something of a pain for users.

It's clear that Samsung needs to offer something different for customers after a 24% fall in profits since 2013, but messing with a tried and tested formula is something that Samsung is understandably reluctant to do. If it works and it sells well, why mess with it? The Galaxy Note 3 is one of the finest devices Samsung ever made and no matter what they do with the Galaxy Note 4 we're sure they're not looking to mess things up.

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