Rumor: Samsung's Galaxy Alpha Facing Production Issues With Too Few Units being Produced

Galaxy S5 AH 02. 1

For what feels like forever now, a more premium and higher-specced model of the Galaxy S5 has been rumored, even before the Galaxy S5 was an official product itself. While there is now a higher-spec available with the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, that QuadHD, Snapdragon 805 monster is only available in South Korea, with no plans on releasing the device outside of Samsung’s home market. So, that leaves the West with the Galaxy F and now the rumored Galaxy Alpha, with word that Samsung is readying the same internals as the LTE-A version, with a more premium look and feel to it. While arguments will always rage on about whether or not a metal build is more ‘premium’ than a realistic and hard-wearing plastic build, it’s clear there’s a market for it.

Many people continue to swear by the iPhone due to the high build-quality and HTC’s One might not be selling like the Galaxy S5 but it certainly its fair share of ardent fans as well. Samsung isn’t a company that’s content to let others hog a sector of the market – no matter how niche – so a premium Galaxy S5 wouldn’t be surprising to see from Samsung. Now though, there’s word that Samsung is struggling to secure the metal exteriors needed to create enough devices to keep up with demand. We all know that Samsung sells high volumes of their devices, and with only 1 Million or so being produced once a month right now, there’s no way Samsung will be launching the Alpha any time soon.

It’s been rumored that firms specializing in metal casings for phones have been tied up with orders for Apple’s new iPhone, which an interesting position for Samsung to be in after all, the company is used to either sourcing things from South Korea or making it themselves. However, there isn’t currently a facility in South Korea capable of producing the sort of metal that Samsung is looking for. There’s a lot of confusing information concerning the Galaxy Alpha, but it sure sounds like Samsung is more worried about Apple’s upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone than before, with the Alpha said to be their way of offering the same sort of fit and finish to keep iPhone fans away from Apple’s latest.