RUMOR: HTC Bringing Three Tablets To Market this Fall



Rumor has it that the Nexus 8 or 9, is not the only tablet that HTC is bringing to market this fall. According to Evleaks it looks like we’ve got two more tablets coming from HTC. We already know quite a bit about the Volantis/Flounder, that is the Nexus tablet, and it has a 8.9-inch display. Although the render we saw before Google I/O made it look a lot like the white version of the Nexus 5. Though we’ll have to wait and see on that one. Specs are said to be a Tegra K1 processor, with 64GB of storage. We did hear a crazy rumor that it’d sport 5GB of RAM, but that was found to be false.

The other two tablets are codenamed T7 and T12. Now we don’t know much if anything about these. But speculation would point at the T7 being a 7-inch tablet and the T12 being a 12-inch tablet. It’d be interesting to see HTC skip the 10-inch tablet market though. We’d expect both to have rather high end specs, but we aren’t sure that it’ll have a Snapdragon 805 or a Tegra K1. Since rumors of the Nexus 9 point to a Tegra K1. It’d be nice to see NVIDIA get back into some tablets, but I’d put my money on Qualcomm for now.

It’s been a while since HTC was in the tablet game. Anyone remember the HTC Flyer? Or Jetstream? Or even the EVO View on Sprint? Yeah that’s how long it’s been. This was all before Honeycomb, which is now three years old. In fact, Ice Cream Sandwich will be three in November. So it’s great to see HTC looking to get back into the tablet game. They do make some amazing hardware, but not everyone loves their software, which is understandable. But having a Nexus out there will definitely sell. Especially made by HTC.