Root Required TweaksBox App For The LG G3 Lets You Deeply Customize Your Device

Continuing on the theme of customization today, a new application for the LG G3 owners has popped up that promises to provide you with some deep customization options, you know, if you're into that sort of thing. As the title states, the app is root required, and you must also have an Xposed framework installed on your device if you wish to use TweaksBox, that being said if you meet those two criteria then this app could be just what you were looking for in the customization department.

If you're going to forge a path forward into the world of tweaking your LG G3,(not to be confused with twerking, and we also wouldn't recommend subjecting/exposing your G3 to that)TweaksBox has two options for you to install. There's a free version of the app available that has a more minimal or limited set of customization options, like disabling the shutter sound when taking photos and of course swapping out the colors of your status bar, and adding shortcuts to apps via Ring pad. Consider the free app the best option for those that really only want a piece of the light customization pie, but if you fancy yourself a bigger piece, there is a premium version of TweaksBox that will give you plenty more to tweak the bejesus out of your brand new phone.

If you pick up the paid version, you'll be looking at having the ability to customize the nav bar icons, power buttons options like rebooting, power on/off, airplane mode, torch(flashlight), and screenshot. Not only can you change out the nav bar icons, but you can add more buttons if you feel that three just isn't enough. If you want more, you can add up to 7 total nav bar buttons. Modify the quick settings panel, tweak the call settings and even the recent apps window. You can even tweak messages by enhancing the zoom range and adding a "time sent" stamp at the end of every message sent. There's a huge list of tweaks once can do with this application and if you were a previous LG G2 owner you probably already know since you most likely had the G2 TweaksBox app installed on that. You can pick up the free version of the TweaksBox app for your G3 below.

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