R.I.P. The Droid Maxx Developer Edition Gets Pulled From Motorola's Site


There comes a time in life that all great things come to an end. No matter how short lived that life was, it is always a tragedy to see it go. Today just happens to be that day where we all have to dress in black and carry flowers to a grave and show respect to another fallen soldier. Today marks the end of the Droid Maxx Developer Edition. The glorious phone with its 3500mAh battery, wireless charging,  5 inch HD display, unibody kevlar design, and its oversized speaker with its Smart Boost Audio Equalizer has passed on to smartphone heaven. The device could last up to 48 hours on a single charge; sadly, the Droid Maxx couldn't make it. Motorola has taken down the phone from their website ending the the life of such an amazing phone.

The Droid Maxx Developer Edition was a Verizon only exclusive. Costing only $649.99, the Droid Maxx came with an unlockable bootloader that let people root away. If you want to get ahold of a Droid Maxx Developer Edition then you will have to look somewhere else. Since the device has been taken down from the website, finding one would require the individual to look in other places like Craigslist, eBay or maybe Amazon. Its seems like this device was short lived, the developer edition of this device came out the fall of last year and has quickly gone away the summer of this year. We could pour a little hope into this situation and see if Motorola releases a newer, upgraded version of the device, but as the news goes, the Droid Maxx has seen its last days. The Sun always shines after the storm, so lets turn those frowns into smiles and wait for what the future has in store for us. If you were a fan of the Droid Maxx Developer Edition, please pay your respects in the comments below. Also, share your thoughts about the passing of this beloved handset. Do you think that this is really the end of the Droid Maxx or will Motorola surprise us with a new revamped version?

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