Revolv Home Automated Smart hub Adds Support For Nest And Launches Android App

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Home automation is becoming more and more common and for those who are already using multiple connected and automated products around the home, the use of a home automated hub to connect all your devices together could be a good idea. Revolv which is a hub for doing just that, connecting all your smart home products and connected home products together, all through the use of the companion app that allows you to easily pair things together and manage it all in one place with an easy to use UI. Today Revolv announced that everyone’s favorite smart home thermostat, Nest, is now supported by the automated hub and to go along with the new product addition support, Revolv has also launched their long awaited Android application into the Play Store.

This is big news for those that are Android users and have many connected smart home products. The launch of the Android version of the Revolv app also comes with some new features that existing users might enjoy and will now be able to use with any of their Android devices. As our homes become smarter, being smarter with our homes isn’t such a bad idea. Revolv allows you to do just that by first allowing multiple phones to be supported with the smart hub for connection, which allows you use the intelligent occupancy feature to be aware when and if anyone is inside of your home who shouldn’t be there. You can do this by simply checking the status of each user of whether they’re home or away.

Revolv has also added an enhanced GeoSense technology which allows users to control specific actions for automated devices around the home based on the radius they configure. Basically, users can now set their lights or other connected devices like the Nest Thermostat to turn on or off, or set to a certain temperature when they get within a certain distance from their home or when they leave. This is great if you want your lights on when you walk in the door, and to make sure that the in home temperature is at a comfortable setting before you get there. You can download the Revolv app now, and if you’re looking at grabbing one of these you can pick them up at Amazon or Revolv’s own site for $299.