Republic Wireless Gives Out Free Chromecast To Buyers Of The Moto X

AH Chromecast

Republic Wireless may be a smaller carrier, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of throwing customers some pretty good deals. Most of you are probably familiar at this point with Google’s awesome, tiny streaming HDMI dongle called the Chromecast, and how wonderful it is with all the apps that are now supported with it, allowing for tons of awesome streaming content to the big screen from your devices. Republic Wireless knows how awesome the Chromecast is and that’s why they’re offering it up for free to any customers who purchase the Moto X.

You can grab the Moto X unlocked for use with Republic wireless for $299,(that’ll be the 16GB model as the 32GB model is $100 more totaling $399)and you can pick it up in either black or white colors. The only downside we can see to this deal is that Republic Wireless isn’t allowing it to be valid if users choose to set up moto maker options with their purchase of the device. That means you’ll get a standard white or black Moto X, with no color accents or customizations. You can however change out the back covers still since those pop right off and you can just buy a colored back. The Chromecast normally costs the user $35 up front, so if you were considering a Moto X on Republic Wireless now you can save yourself a little cash if you don’t already own a Chromecast or could use another one. Hey, it could even be a gift!

You can buy up to four Moto X devices per household, which means you would get four Chromecast dongles,(one per device) but you are limited to that amount. Supplies are also apparently in short supply as Republic Wireless states that this deal is only valid while supplies last. Basically, if you were thinking about getting a Moto X for this carrier, don’t delay. Both devices here are great and of course they work rather well together, allowing users to stream any photos, videos, music and now cast the screen of their device to their TV or monitor that the Chromecast is plugged into. That means you can now stream Angry Birds from your brand new Moto X to the big screen if you wish. You can grab the deal at the Republic Wireless website.