Project Volta Could Be The Drastic Battery Improvement Stock Android Has Been Needing

Google steadily improves different areas of the Android operating system with every release, having one variable become the focal point, and Android L seems to be the release dedicated to improving Android's battery life. As some of you may already know Google launched the developer preview of Android L for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 devices at Google I/O last week, and one of the major things they talked about with the changes coming in Android L during the keynote was Project Volta. That name might be pretty self explanatory for some of us, but for the others that is Google's name for the project that will illustrate their efforts to make battery life better in the stock version of Android. It will still take some time to see how Android L progresses and if any more changes(improvements or otherwise)come to Project Volta as L nears an official release for devices, but for the moment Ars Technica took the time to run some tests on the developer preview of L and see just how much the battery has actually improved.

As they state, test conditions were ran so that they might be able to replicate the way the average every day consumer uses their phone, meaning without any sort of management to the battery through apps or features. While we certainly expect Project Volta to improve even more over time, its current state is actually quite impressive. During their test, Ars had loaded the developer preview of L onto a single Nexus 5 and after booting it up, loading on all their apps, and charging it, they have webpages auto-load in 15 second intervals on a WiFi connection until the device powers down from a dead battery. The results from the L preview were contrasted against the results from the same device on Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat to show the improvements that we can expect to see. Keep in mind that since this is a preview, results may vary once an official release is out.

According to the test, Project Volta was able to increase the battery life on the device by thirty-six percent. That's pretty decent for using the phone full bore on a constant basis. The chart below displays how long in minutes the device ran before a dead battery. This is great news for anyone that doesn't attempt to manage their battery life in any way, but for those who use apps to help the longevity of battery life throughout the day, it could be possible for a device on L to last even longer. L will apparently have a battery saver feature built in for example, much like Samsung and HTC have both done with their flagships this year, and turning those on will most certainly tune your phones performance and connections/features down a bit to save battery life, but when paired with Project Volta, thirty-six percent could be on the low end of the improvement scale. Will Project Volta be just what stock Android has been needing all these years?

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