OPPO Teases About High Quality Sound Device Coming Soon

Everybody likes a teaser - it usually means a new product coming out - some are more detailed than others or we may already have had a leak about what the tease might be referring to, but in this case, we are rather stumped.  The latest interesting tweet we have seen is one on OPPO's Indonesia Twitter account with a warning to watch OPPO's timeline for more information tomorrow.  The tweet does not give us any idea what is "Coming Soon," only that it will be a "product" with has the "best audio quality excellence" as well as an overall "high quality" product - as translated by Google from the Tweet.

The packaging, shown above, looks beautiful - possibly indicating the "high quality" in the tweet. We already know about the highly anticipated OPPO Find 7 with QHD resolution that is now available for pre-order in certain countries, one of which is the U.S. for $599.  OPPO also said that the first 1,000 buyers would get a free iLike PowerBank with their new device to be shipped in "early July." Could it be the announcement that the OPPO Find 7 will finally start shipping.  Nothing says this "product" has to be a smartphone, but that is what we are hoping for!

The Twitter page shows an ad for 'Transformers, Age of Extinction' to the left and the new OPPO Find 7 on the right.  Could it be a special edition of the Find 7, or is OPPO just trying to point out how good the sound will be from the OPPO Find 7's MaxxAudio effects - an audio solution that has won Grammy Awards and is used by recording artists. This is part of the audio enhancement experience on headphones and promises to offer really clear and crisp sound. The speaker on the OPPO Find 7 has been praised in early reviews

Unfortunately, sound quality is something that is not too high on the list of smartphone designer's priorities.  HTC has taken sound seriously, but both top makers, Samsung and LG, have really not gone as far as front-mounted dual stereo speakers.  I think this is a huge mistake - these devices are capable of tremendous picture quality and videos or movies, especially on the larger displays, and we deserve to have the sound to backup what the user is watching on the display. The OPPO Find 7 is certainly touting their great sound for watching movies on the device...so maybe the Transformers movie is a sign that is what this tease is all about.  Well, according to the tweet, we should see something tomorrow.

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