No One But Samsung is Buying AMOLED Displays, Says CEO


Samsung is having a bit of a problem selling its AMOLED displays to other companies, and it's trying to figure out why.  Samsung Display, a division of Samsung where all the displays you see from the South Korean tech giant are designed and produced, sells its mobile displays to whomever feels like buying them, and like any company trying to sell a product tries to market and sell that product accordingly.  Unfortunately for them though, the only buyers they've had recently are within the parent Samsung company, specifically its mobile division via the Galaxy S5 and all the new Galaxy Tab S high-end tablets, and not anyone else.  ZDNet Korea did an interview with Samsung Display CEO Park Dong-Geun specifically on this topic, and he had a little more to say on it, specifically what Samsung Display is going to do about it.

Park talked about Samsung's current expansion into China and other markets where its devices are at saturation point, and would like to see expansion of its display division into these territories as well.  Right now LCD is the most popular form of display on devices, particularly mobile ones, and Samsung wants to try to convince device manufacturers that AMOLED is the way to go, as they say it provides a richer user experience by giving the user better visuals.  Right now they have to fight the fact that they are the largest consumer electronics company in the world, and as such many are likely choosing to support the underdog rather than the big dog.


AMOLED also has a very devoted following, and vice-versa with those who loath the way it displays images.  Traditionally AMOLED technology is more vibrant and color saturated, and while these colors can be pleasing to the eye they are less than accurate when compared with real-world colors.  AMOLED displays have also traditionally drawn more power and been difficult to view in sunlight, but these problems have been completely rectified with the latest iterations of the technology and often do better than LCD panels in the same tests.  AMOLED also displays better black levels than LCD due to the fact that it can shut off specific pixels when needed to display true blacks rather than the very dark greys that LCD usually emits even when trying to display black.  This is found in no better place than Motorola's Moto X where it pulses just a few pixels to display the time and any notifications while simultaneously using almost zero battery.

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