Music Streaming Service Songza Is Joining The Google Ranks Through Acquisition


Earlier last month on June 6th, we reported about a potential acquisition that Google had in the works. The rumored deal was that Google was interested in buying up popular music streaming service Songza in the amount of $15 million, which would have been a smart move for the sheer fact that Songza music aggregation is much better than that of Google Play Music. It would seem that the acquisition of Songza was not just a rumor but was indeed something Google was looking to do and according to a new report they have done just that. This can and probably will mean many good things for Google Play Music, and in the long run, many good things for users of the service.

For now there isn’t any details about the deal that have been disclosed, but those should be made available to the public in due time. As Google and Songza have both been semi-silent on the terms, there is no word on whether they had purchased Songza for the rumored amount that we heard about last month, or if they had bought up the music streaming service for more or less. Google’s Play Music All Access service was already a great contender for the likes of other top streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Beats Music(purchased by Apple) and others, and now they only stand to improve that much more.

It’s unclear exactly what they plan to do with Songza, but you can bet we’ll likely start to see some of Songza’s great technology and features make their way into Play Music down the line, that is of course after the deal is done and finalized. While they could very well keep Songza separate, Google has no reason to do so and Songza would better serve Google as an integration into it’s own already popular music service due to Songza’s superior music curation. How, what, when, and if this will all happen is still up in the air as the deal has only been outed by both companies, but without details for now. The question also arises of what will happen to all of Songza’s current users after the deal is final and the acquisition is complete. For now users will most likely remain with their accounts until the Songza app and service is no longer operating. On Songza’s blog post about the deal, they state that no immediate changes are planned, other than making Songza faster, smarter, and even more fun to use.