Moto 360 With Silver Metal Band/Casing Spotted In Landing Page Source Code Comments



The Moto 360 running Android Wear is probably the most anticipated wearable of the year, at least when it comes to smartwatches and certainly out of the three Android Wear devices that are known at this point in time. There's lots that goes into the hype and excitement about this particular smartwatch much of which was solidified for many by the showing at Google I/O 2014 this past month. Among many reasons why people are eagerly awaiting the Moto 360 over the two currently available offerings, the Gear Live and the LG G Watch, are the use of the premium materials like genuine hand crafted leathers and the option of metal bands.

Just for clarification purposes, both the Gear Live and the G Watch have the ability to swap out the bands, so you could potentially find a suitable band replacement for either of them, and yes even metal could be a possibility. The nice thing about the Moto 360 is that these options for different bands and completely different material makeup for those bands, are said to be initial purchase options for the consumer, which would mean no having to hunt down compatible parts. We have already seen both the steel and black metal casings for the Moto 360 at Google I/O, both which had their own colored leather band to match the color of the watch to a degree. There's also been an image of the Moto 360 clad in black steel from head to toe, or rather case to band, floating around the web for months, since the unveiling of the watch almost.

Now we get a look at a potentially new color and style option for the Moto 360 upon its release. Thanks to an individual on Reddit who was digging around on the Moto 360 landing page for registration of the watch, this image was discovered in a comment of the source code which shows off the Moto 360 in an all silver steel color, which includes the casing and the band itself. Some of the comments on the Reddit thread point out what looks like a butterfly clasp, and it looks pretty similar to the metal band we've already seen just with a different color. However, it does seem like they have either refined or switched out the clasp type entirely, which you can see from the two images below, one being the image found on reddit and the other from back when the Moto 360 was announced. What do you think of the all silver steel color and design? Is it to your liking?

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