Moto 360 to Cost Almost Twice as Much as the G Watch and Gear Live?



Android Wear is hitting smartwatches all over the place, and now that the G Watch and Gear Live are available to order from the Play Store and elsewhere, people can start trying out Android Wear for themselves. The smartwatch that a lot of people are waiting for however, is the Moto 360, which looks like the right blend of class and high-end craftsmanship with a smartwatch. While the 360 is still working its way to the market, we've seen it on TV and of course, we got to take a look at it during Google I/O last week. What looks a very well made watch is more than likely to cost a lot more than the G Watch and the Gear Live.


If a recent listing in China is to be believed, the Moto 360 might cost somewhere like twice as much as other Android Wear watches do right now. A recent listing on Jingdong, otherwise simply known as, has the Moto 360 listed at 2,800 Yuan which is roughly $450 or so, in China the Gear Live and G Watch will cost somewhere in the region of 1,500 Yuan so that's a pretty steep price difference that's noticeable straight away. Pricing for these watches is already a little bizarre as it is, with the Gear Live costing $199 in the US and the G Watch going up for $229, but in the UK it's the reverse with the G Watch cheaper at £159 and the Gear Live at £169.

This sort of technology isn't going to come cheap, especially not when it launches, but will the Moto 360 be pricing itself out of the market? Well, perhaps not. After all, there are those out there that are more interested in a timepiece than a simple smartwatch. I just got my hands on a G Watch and love the digital design on it, but I couldn't imagine my father or even some of my friends wearing some so square and digital. Whether or not those looking at the Moto 360 are willing to spend so much more on it than other Android Wear watches could make or break Motorola's smartwatch.

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