The Metal Galaxy Alpha Rumored To Be LE Device From Samsung

AH Samsung Logo 4.1 May 31 2014 e1401754753787

Limited Edition stuff is almost always a big hit with those that are able to get their hands on such things, because hey there’s nothing quite like the feeling of having something that not a lot of other people have in their possession. This is true with smartphones just as it is with anything else that gets produced in limited quantities, and that might be happening with a rumored upcoming device from Samsung called the Galaxy Alpha. Although this doesn’t sound anything like the metal body toting Galaxy device that many of us have been speculating on and hearing about for months on end, it is said to be a device made up of a metal outer body instead of the traditional poly-carbonate we’re used to from the Korean manufacturer.

While a metal phone from Samsung would be almost certainly well received by many, many, fans and Samsung loyalists, there is a good chance that many people wouldn’t even have the opportunity to get their hands on one. This is due to reports that Samsung may be forced to use certain manufacturers of metal casings and smartphone bodies from within the Chinese region, of which there are a few major ones, but combined would still have issues being able to produce a large quantity of metal bodies for the device in a timely fashion, leaving Samsung potentially with few options of what to do. The smartest choice might be to make this a limited edition phone but then that would effectively cut off Samsung’s ability to make more than a certain amount due to a smaller number of available units.

If Samsung actually moves forward with manufacturing and selling the Galaxy Alpha than they are either forced to offer a limited supply of devices or over promise and under deliver. By that we mean that they would presume to offer the phone in a normal planned set of markets but then be met with manufacturing issues and struggle to meet the demand of the product. That wouldn’t be the first time that any OEM has had this problem. OnePlus never expected the popularity of the device to be as high as it has been and they were met with a significant amount of backlash from some of the community over the way they handled sales of the device. LG also had this issue with the Nexus 4, and never foresaw the amount of people that would be eager to buy the Nexus 4 during initial launch. Samsung could choose to launch the device only in specific regions and it wouldn’t be the first time they have done so, and like the times before it, customers who would have loved to pick up a device like the Galaxy Alpha would get over it in time and move on to something else. Rumors suggest we’ll see the Alpha next month, although no concrete details have emerged about launch dates or pricing. That information could come with the unveiling, also expected to happen next month.