Metal Galaxy 'Alpha' to Come from Samsung in August to Compete with new iPhone?



This year has been a pretty interesting year for Samsung rumors, and we've heard all sorts of rumors surrounding Samsung devices. Many of these have actually come to market, like the Galaxy S5 Prime launching in South Korea as the Galaxy S5 LTE-A complete with QHD display and the company launching a new line of Super AMOLED tablets in the Galaxy Tab S line. Of course, there's one rumor that still hasn't hit the market, and might not ever hit shelves, and that's the Galaxy F. The Galaxy F tale is one of prophecy at this point and tells of Samsung using metal to build a new type of device, one to satisfy those looking for something a little more premium. While we've seen this device leak out in what could be press renders and what could be pictures of the device in the flesh, the Galaxy F is still something of a mystery.


Now though, Korean media is abuzz with word of a new "Galaxy Alpha" device rumored to hit the market later this summer in August, in order to compete with the iPhone 6. This Galaxy Alpha is said to be the centerpiece of a new flagship line for Samsung, to launch yearly in between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line, featuring a mix of internals from both, but with a more premium look and feel to it. The rumor goes that the Galaxy Alpha is to be a metal-clad flagship device and these fresh reports of something new from Samsung seem awfully familiar to our eyes.

After all, the Galaxy F has been rumored for some time now and we've been hearing about Samsung launching a more premium line of hardware for quite some time now and while people will argue that Samsung devices are well-built as they are, there's no denying that the likes of the iPhone and HTC's One deliver a more satisfying look and feel. It's clear Samsung have the software features and the performance that people want, but are they getting fed up of plasticky builds? It's hard to say, but it's not as if a new line of premium hardware is going to do them any harm, is it?

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