MediaTek takes on Qualcomm with Latest MT6595 and MT6795 Processors

MediaTek.  Hear that name very often, especially if you don't live in Asia?  'Not really, no' is probably what you are thinking, and that makes sense because MediaTek's processors are largely implanted within the China-only or Chinese-focused devices, so United States folk like myself have yet to see and hold a MediaTek-powered device, tablet or phone.  But this new processor and device combination from today at an unveiling of the company's latest and beefiest processors, the MT6595 and MT6795, and these two new monsters of performance and power might be the push that gets the ever-respected but slightly over-used Snapdragon processor family, from the U.S.-based Qualcomm.

The interesting part of the event and announcement was the capability of these processors.  The MT6595 is the company's second octa-core processor (using two sets of quad-cores, much like Samsung does with their 54oo Exynos processors), the MT6592 was the first Octa-core from MediaTek.  The processor is compatible with 1600 by 2560 pixel displays (used now on high-end tablets), 20+ megapixel camera sensors, 4K UHD video capture, as well as slow-motion video capture.  This one, the MT6595 can be cranked to run all the way at 2.2 Ghz, and the one that can do that, the most powerful of MediaTek's new chips is the one that was able to land over 47,000 on the AnTuTu performance benchmarking test.

For some perspective, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from November of 2013 rolls in at 33,770  and the OnePlus One (yeah, the phone that nobody can seem to get their hands on) comes in strong with almost 39,000.  The One uses a Snapdragon 801 (at 2.5 Ghz)  with 3 GB of RAM to boot, so this new MediaTek device is an absolute monster when it comes to performance, at least in testing.  But what if we said that there was a little bit of proof, a YouTube video that showed the impressive processing power off nicely?  Well, we have such a video, courtesy of the folks at from their coverage of the announcement and following hands-on time with the reference device from MediaTek.

This device is very nicely designed, but the design is actually the least of anyone that handles it's concerns, since it has the MT6595 inside.  The video shows off how the chipset is able to render (astoundingly smooth, by the way) a graphically intensive live wallpaper showcasing live system statistics, and how fast a display can track input and graphically show the tracking(s).  Definitely give it a watch, and keep an eye out here for any new coverage on MediaTek's surprising new processors.

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