MediaTek Cortex-A7 Could Make for a Cheaper Chromebook


Chromebooks are already one of the cheapest Google-powered portables out there.  If you shop around you can find one for $200 – one of the many reasons they are selling so well.  By pricing them cheaply, manufacturers sell more of them and Google can help expand their Android operating system around the world – they recently extended their Play for Education programs to Chromebooks as well…teachers will be able to find books, apps, and video on their Chromebooks just like they do on their tablets.  These new, even lower priced Chromebooks, could make the move into the schools even faster – everybody loves a bargain, especially a school system.

Budget chipmaker MediaTek, is testing a Chromebook using an entry-level ARM Cortex-A7 processor – certainly a big step down from the inexpensive CortexA15/7 hybrid chip that Samsung is using in its Chromebooks or the Intel Celeron chips used by Accer.  This technology is from 2011, which is ancient in the world of technology – this means a slow chip by today's standards, but it does provide a pathway into the Chromebook world for those that might otherwise not be able to afford a notebook.


There is no guarantee that MediaTek will even develop this chip and code and put it into a Chromebook, but it makes sense that they eventually will produce the device.  The chip has served MediaTek well in smartphones in the lucrative emerging nations, such as China and India – where cheaper is better.  If they can get a Chromebook under the $200 barrier – slow or not – many people would have access to a notebook for the first time.  This will do nothing but help spread Google, Android and Chrome into areas of the world that may not have had that opportunity before.  Schools in these developing nations would be introduced to new learning possibilities…a win-win for everybody – MediaTek, Google, the schools, the kids, and the individuals that can buy them.

Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know what you think about Chromebooks, in general.  Do you own a Chromebook or are you thinking of buying one, especially if the price comes in under $200, making them affordable for almost everybody that would love to have a notebook type device…as always, we would love to hear from you.

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