LTE-A Version of LG's G3 to Launch in South Korea July 25th


We’ve been hearing quite a bit about a faster version of the LG G3, and now it appears to be coming to market. As we all know, South Korean manufacturers like Samsung and LTE pride themselves on releasing the absolute best when it comes to LTE, and considering subsidies have run wild in South Korea, more devices are needed to poach customers. We saw the LTE-A version of the G3 leak out a little while ago as the G3 Cat.6, named after the LTE technology that allows for such dizzying speeds. Now, word is that LG and their partners are ready to release the device as early as July 25th, later this week.

Word of the Cat.6 version of the G3 leaked out earlier on in the month, thanks to the above flyer being spotted in a South Korean mall. Said to feature a Snapdragon 805 – for the faster modem required for Cat.6 LTE – this version of the G3 will ship with 3GB of RAM as standard and the rest of the device is the same as the G3 that’s been selling fairly well in South Korea. Of course, the upgrade here from the original Galaxy S5 to the Galaxy S5 LTE-A isn’t anywhere near as great, so this is looking more and more like a carrier deal than anything else.

With the device said to be launching July 25th in the country, it’ll be interesting to see if this will help overall sales of the G3 or not. After all, the original G3 is a pretty potent device with its 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 display and while the Snapdragon 805 features better graphics the difference in everyday usage is probably fairly small. As with the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, we doubt there’s much hope of this version of the G3 coming to the States, not only has the G3 only just launched over here, but there’s no real need for the modem found in the Snapdragon 805 on our current LTE networks.